Fog Lights – What Do They Do?

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Driving can be challenging, if not impossible, in thick fog, rain, or other weather that limits visibility on the road. Driving in such circumstances when your vehicle isn’t equipped with the proper lighting system might result in hazards, leading to serious or even fatal accidents. Many KSA Cars have fog lights preinstalled!

Fog lights are therefore necessary accessories to your car. These are not your typical headlights, and they serve a very specific purpose. In low-visibility situations, fog lights can be utilized in combination with your headlights.

Fog Light in the Front

The front fog light is an optical light that aids visibility in front of the car. It’s placed right under the headlight system and is designed to emit a comprehensive bar-shaped stream of light with an abrupt cutoff just at the top to keep it from bouncing off the fog. Fog lamps are often installed low and pointed downward to highlight the ground beneath the mist.

Front Fog Light positioning

Both high and low beam headlights are aimed at a downward angle, allowing them to illuminate the road surface from a considerable distance in front of a vehicle. On the other hand, fog lights have a sharp slant that only illuminates the ground directly in front of a car.

Rear Fog Light

Front fog lamps are designed to assist and help you navigate through extremely low visibility situations. Meanwhile, rear fog lights are designed to keep others from crashing into you in the same circumstances. 

The problem is that in low-visibility cases, your tail lights may fail to warn other drivers until they crash into you and it’s too late. 

Using brakes as an alternative

Rear fog lights are usually red, appearing like brake lights and running lights on the surface. The intensity of light produced by rear fog lights and brake lights is very similar. Even if a car doesn’t have rear fog lights, slamming on the brakes has a similar visible impact.

A rear fog light is intended to create a similar red-colored light just like your brake lights so that other drivers behind you can see you in low visibility conditions. You can usually find it in the center of the rear bumper cover. It can usually be found in the center of the rear bumper cover.

When do you need Fog Lights?

Fog lamps are additional lights that can be activated in low-visibility cases in combination with your car’s main headlights. They are not intended to replace your standard car lights due to their short range.

These lights are good for spotting road markers, but they won’t help you see through fog, so they’re best used when driving at low speeds.

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When to get yourself fog lights

Fog lights can be useful in a wide variety of scenarios, including low visibility caused by rain, fog, snow, or even enormous dust in the air. If you’re driving in a low-visibility setting and your highlights bounce back at you, generating a glare effect, you should turn them off if your low beams are also causing severe glare, to the point that all that you can see is near to nothing then getting a good pair of fog lights can help you a lot.

Heavy rain and fog

Fog lights are designed specifically for situations in which you must travel through foggy places, as the name suggests. Since they are located really low to the ground, the light they emit can hit the ground beneath them right away rather than directly projecting into the fog and bounce back like the light from your headlamps.

When it’s raining a lot, fog lights can help you see better. When driving in heavy rain, high and low beams can cause glare, which is why fog lamps are necessary to view the road ahead of you. When driving in severe weather, fog lights improve visibility.

Is there a catch? High-speed effect on fog lights

A car’s headlights are designed to specifically illuminate the front of the car to assist with visibility at night. One can never replace headlights’ purpose with fog lamps. 

The traditional beam light system in your car lights a wide-angle in front of your car, while the fog lamp illuminates the ground directly in front of your car to a limited extent. This makes driving at high speed really unsafe and dangerous. With only the fog lights, you are limited to low speeds only.

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