What Cruise Control Can Do For You

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The cruise control system’s objective is to allow drivers to adjust their acceleration at a fixed speed automatically. As you lift your foot off the accelerator, the acceleration will continue at the pace you specified for cruise control.

By just pressing the brake pedal, you can effortlessly disable cruise control. The car will go back to manual acceleration as you do so. Many UAE Cars have this feature included from the factory. 

How can I turn on cruise control?

The first thing you will need to do is manually accelerate to a pace that you want to keep for a long time. You’ll start the cruise control by pressing the “ON” button once you’ve reached that speed, usually located on the steering wheel. 

You will have to read your car’s manual to know where exactly the cruise control system is located. Then you can put your foot on your car’s floor and take your foot off the accelerator.

The accelerator pedal will stay in the compressed position even if your foot isn’t on it. The accelerator pedal will rise again when you switch off cruise control by pushing the off button or pressing on the brake pedal.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control is a system that assists cars in maintaining a safe distance and adhering to speed limits. This device automatically changes a car’s speed so that the driver does not have to.

What can you expect from Adaptive Cruise Control?

Adaptive cruise control can improve road safety by ensuring that cars equipped with the system maintain enough spacing between themselves and other vehicles. These space-conscious features will also aid in the prevention of accidents caused by obscured vision(traveling in fog) or a close following distance. 

Also, because of its situational awareness, it will assist in maximizing traffic flow. You don’t have to stress over your speed as a driver. It allows you to focus on your surroundings more. 

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The Benefits of Using a Cruise Control System

On paper, a cruise control system appears to be a very luxurious feature, but it has a number of significant benefits, some of which are outlined here.

Excellent Fuel Efficiency

The accelerator pedal consumes a lot of fuel when you stomp on it. Cruise control holds the accelerator pedal in a fixed position, preventing you from wasting more fuel than you need. This will help you save money on fuel subsequently.

Provides Comfortable Driving

It can be exhausting to put your foot on the accelerator pedal for several hours if you’re going on a long drive. When traveling on the highway, a lot of drivers have this experience. 

Having cruise control activated, you may put your foot on the floor and relax as the vehicle maintains a constant speed. It will reduce your chances of experiencing exhaustion.

It helps with staying away from the speed limit.

Exceeding the speed limit isn’t usually done on purpose. A driver may drive faster above the speed limit without noticing it because they are pressing harder on the accelerator pedal. 

Adjusting the cruise control to the speed limit is a smart strategy to avoid overspending. You won’t have to worry about exceeding any speeding rules then.

When to Avoid Using Cruise Control

Although cruise control is generally useful on long journeys, there are situations when it is not the greatest option for a driver.

In a pinch, it can be dangerous.

If you have cruise control activated and have to make the turn in a matter of seconds, then you won’t be able to slow down quickly enough to make the turn. It’s also more difficult to avoid colliding with nearby vehicles on the road. 

If you become overly reliant on an automated system, you risk slowing down your response time in possibly hazardous situations. In the event that the system is turned off, this could result in an accident. Even when enabled, this feature does not totally protect you against accidents, so stay cautious while driving.

Bad weather conditions can be dangerous. 

Always keep the weather in consideration. Take entire control of the car if heavy clouds are approaching, and rain is expected. When enabled over rolling hills, this feature can make your car less efficient. 

If you are going through a wet road or slippery surface, it’s also a good idea to disable the feature. Accidents are common in these places, and automated devices can’t always make quick corrections. Even with adaptive systems, it’s impossible to predict how other drivers will act on the road.

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