The Honda Urban EV is a minuscule car which should, by all appearances, only have enough room for one person. Yet, it can miraculously, fit 4 people! Carswitch, the marketplace to buy and sell new or used cars, summarises details about the exquisite Honda Urban EV – its inception, changes and the final release date.

Its design is a futuristic nod to the past, both modern and retro at the same time. It is an all-electricity car with an infotainment panel to keep you both entertained as well as informed. Hopefully, not entertained enough to make you distracted while driving!

Small enough to squeeze through tight alleyways and environmentally friendly? We are sold!

What type of changes has it gone through?

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As advanced and well thought out as it is, its initial design had been criticized for being a tad overambitious. This forced Honda to reign in their creative team and design something a little less fanciful yet still futuristic.

The previous renderings had a single large screen sitting on top of the dashboard. Realizing that to be a little impractical and really cost ineffective, Honda has now decided to have three large screens above the dashboard (as opposed to one) with small screens in the corners (their purpose has not been revealed yet, perhaps because Honda itself does not know what they are actually for!).

As a result, the new dashboard is clean and minimalistic while still being advanced and unique.

When should you expect it?

The Honda Urban EV is expected to release in Europe anywhere around the end of 2019, so it’s best if you guys start saving up right now!

It is unlikely to release in North America so Americans may have to continue polluting the environment or should consider switching to a more environmentally friendly hybrid vehicle.

You can either wait for the Honda Urban EV to come out and quickly purchase it. Or you can also start looking for other new or used cars  in Dubai of your liking. All you have to do is visit our website and start buying!