Nissan Adding Rear Door Alert Technology to Four-Door Models

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Imagine Dubai’s hot summer day with sweltering heat and you leave your child in the rear seat of the car. What a haunting mistake, no? We all know that every new and used car should have a proper system to prevent this from ever happening. So fret not, Nissan has you covered with their new Rear Door Alert (RDA) technology. will help you learn everything you need to know about Nissan’s new door alert.

Here’s how it works

The system keeps track of when you open and close the rear door during the start and end of the journey. Suppose you want to go to Cheesecake Factory with your family and before starting the trip, the passengers open the rear doors. The system will put this into its memory and anticipate that the rear door will be opened again once the car stops.

Nissan’s Inspiration

Such a useful invention actually has a very bizarre inspiration. Marlene Mendoza, one of the inventors, left a pan of lasagna in the back seat of her car which smelled for days. This got her thinking about the repercussions if something more valuable were in the car, let’s say a kid?

It is estimated that approximately 37 children die each year from intense heat after being trapped inside a hot car.

This technology can go a long way in saving those lives. In addition to that, RDA will also remind the driver about any items on the back seat by honking the horn with fine chirps once the vehicle is stopped. A notification will also be displayed on the control panel for any unattended articles.

Annoying or Useful?

You might think that this might become annoying; hearing the horn beep every now and then. But don’t worry – Nissan thought about that too. The RDA system can be temporarily or permanently disabled if you are getting irritated.

Currently, it is available on 2018 Nissan Pathfinder but the company plans on expanding it to all its vehicles by 2022. General Motors also has a technology akin to RDA which is called Rear Seat Reminder (RSR) but that system gives a sound from inside the car instead of using the horn.

With this advanced technology, Nissan has taken a lead in the game in terms of utmost security. This new invention will ensure that children of Dubai citizens feel 100% safe in their used car in Dubai. aims to provide all buyers and sellers with an easy and convenient shopping experience. Happy shopping!