Guide for Expats: Buying a Car in Dubai

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For expats, owning and driving a car in Dubai is almost an unsaid rule. Almost all foreign nationals own a car. Moreover, the affordable costs usually force expats to purchase a vehicle in Dubai which serves the purpose of a status symbol instead of an important necessity. 

Nevertheless, since the public transportation choices are restricted, it is a must to own a car in Dubai whether you decide to buy a big one or a small one. For buying used cars for sale in Dubai, check out CarSwitch website. You can find a wide range of automakers and diverse models on this automotive platform. 

In order to purchase a vehicle in Dubai, it is essential to have a residential visa. If you are thinking about doing the purchase without a driver’s license, it is important to visit the police to describe your situation and gain approval. 

Vehicles in the UAE are somewhat cheaper as opposed to the US or UK. 

Moreover, the added perk of living in a country rich in oil, expats know that the cost of petrol is highly affordable and maintenance costs are inexpensive too. 

Expats can find lots of dealerships dedicated to both new and used vehicles in the city. And since many expats are constantly coming and going, it has formed a huge network of private sellers. 

Before an expat purchases a vehicle in Dubai, it is advised to carry out maximum research and remember the following:

  1. Purchase a vehicle with Gulf specs. This will offer easily accessible and cheap maintenance for the gearbox cooling, air conditioner and engine.
  2. Go through the service history records and make an expert mechanic see the vehicle, even if you think that the car is in perfect condition. 

Buying a new car in Dubai

If you are an expat who is determined to purchase a new vehicle, there is good news for you. In Dubai, you will find almost all the automakers and their models you can think of. No matter how cutthroat the car culture is in Western countries, all their vehicles are available in this lucrative city. The buyers are expected to find models by American and Japanese manufacturers in abundance. Their vehicles are sold at numerous franchised dealerships, most of which can be seen at Sheikh Zayed road.

Famous models are more expensive than the ones who are less appealing. However, many dealerships can offer amazing deals which consist of a service warranty period and 1 year of insurance. Dealerships work with different banks and provide assistance in arranging the finance. 

You need to remember that bouncing cheques is prohibited in Dubai so you have to arrange everything within a strict budget. You can get better rates from a personal bank sometimes so make sure to do prior research. Dubai observes the depreciation rate of cars as high as 30%. This means that no buyer should expect to sell it at the initial purchase price. 

Buying a used car in Dubai

The small time period in which many decide to discard their vehicles and the high expat turnover in the city has induced a great second hand car culture. You can find tons of used or pre-owned vehicles dealerships. 

Most of them provide the same insurance, registration, service warranty and assistance during financing as is offered in new car purchases. However, the same perks come with a price. As an alternative, the city boasts auction houses where you can bid to buy. 

An advantage for purchasing a vehicle from an auction house is that all vehicles have gone through an inspection and expats can register the bought car there. But the downside of this is that there is no insurance offered at this cost. 

Buying a used car from a private seller

Expats have another choice to buy from a private seller. This is the best and easiest way for achieving a bargain, especially if the seller has a deadline for going outside the emirate. 

While buying through a private seller, it is crucial to be fully aware of vehicle maintenance, checkups and registration. The buyers should also be prepared to tolerate the burden of handling the paperwork and bearing any extra potential hassle. 

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