7 Professional Tips for Purchasing a New Car in UAE

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It’s fairly hard to purchase a new car in the UAE. This is not because of any lousy system but due to so many options. UAE buyers can select from over 60 automakers and thousands of vehicles available in sale daily. There are tons of appealing automotive deals. 

But before getting attracted to those, let’s go over some important car buying tips which will help you in the long run. If your focus is on buying Dubai cars only, visit CarSwitch. 

Do your Research

Before looking at vehicles or deciding to buy a car, carry out your research about the cars you are interested in. You should research the following:

  • Overall value
  • Reliability
  • If it’s a suitable vehicle for you and your family
  • Defects

Make your research time-consuming and don’t be hasty in finalizing a deal. Make sure to read reviews by actual owners of the vehicle as well. This will offer you a deep insight on the car.

Look around

Even if you think you have stumbled upon an ideal car, don’t stop your hunt and keep searching for potential purchases. It might happen that you don’t like something about your first choice. So, you should keep looking for at least 2 alternatives.

Align your finances

Before searching for a vehicle, ask yourself if you can actually afford to buy it. Buying a vehicle is a heavy and life-changing purchase. Is your monthly income enough to buy this car? It is important to budget yourself correctly. Don’t cross that budget even if you fall in love with a car exceeding your budget. 

Get a feel

Don’t be hasty or excited. After you have found your dream car, check the vehicle properly before putting a down payment. Sit inside the car and check if it vibes with you. Make sure that the seat is comfortable and it is easy to drive. Check it’s driving quality. 

Every aspect should be top-notch especially if you plan to use the car for many years to come. See the other important features. Are they located in the correct place? Do they work properly? And most importantly, does the car fulfill your needs? 

If you are hunting around for a new car keeping your family in mind, make your family members sit inside the car too. See if they fit inside and have sufficient space. 

Negotiate like an expert

Do not hesitate to haggle. But you shouldn’t drop the price too low and propose half of the requested price. If you are at a dealership, ask them if there are any existing car promotions. 

They may not decrease the cost but can definitely add potential free stuff such as warranty. You can also get deferred payment adding value to buying the car. And remember, haggling is quite a norm while buying a car in the UAE. 


Depreciation should always be a point to consider while purchasing a car. As soon as you purchase a vehicle and drive a few 100 km, the value of the car will start to decrease. Usually, a car which is available at an affordable cost will tend to depreciate slowly as opposed to expensive vehicles. Below is a list of automakers having a slow depreciation in the UAE:

  • Ford
  • Toyota
  • Honda
  • Lexus
  • Nissan

Vehicles that do not depreciate do exist but they are expensive when they are brand new. These are known as hypercars, enthusiast cars and vehicles having capped production runs. 

Running costs

Petrol is comparatively cheaper in UAE as opposed to other countries. However, this does not mean that you should purchase a 5.7 liter V8 car. Remember that you have to fill up the tanks weekly if you are driving the car at the standard usage. This can definitely add up. 

You need to think about the future maintenance before sealing the deal. Famous vehicles in the UAE do not have high maintenance costs since their spare parts can be readily available. 

However, this can add up even if they are cheap. European manufactured vehicles usually have expensive maintenance costs. In second place comes the American cars. 

After you become the owner of that car, you will be responsible for the services of wheel balance, tire rotation, oil change, AC fixing and oil. 

Summing it up

So these were some of the basic tips for buying a new car in the UAE. Are there any more tips in your mind? 

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