Get Ready to Sell your Car in Dubai, UAE with These 7 Tips!

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Before you sell your car in Dubai, UAE,  it is important to not underestimate the power of prepping. Even doing simple repair work, like polishing your car, can improve the resale value of your car and make it more attractive to serious buyers. Follow these tips to attract potential buyers and make the process easy and hassle-free!

  1. Set the right but reasonable price: You, of course, want to get the best deal when selling your car but ensure that you don’t go overboard with the price tag. Do your research first. Moreover, set a price that is a little above the car’s value so that there is ample room for negotiation. can serve as a helpful reference.
  2. Looks matter: The aesthetics and the visuals are always weighed by the buyers Removing a few minor smudges and scratches and getting it polished can improve the resale of your used car in Dubai.
  3. Prepare the car for RTA inspection: It is imperative that your car passes the RTA inspection test. Most cars fail the test because their brake pads are worn down or the tires are more than 4 years old. 
  4. Keep a copy of the service history of the car: Any buyer would want to invest in a car that is frequently serviced. Get a service history copy of the car and let the buyer know that it was in good hands.
  5. Clear the car’s fines: Clear out any outstanding fines so they don’t act as an obstacle in the process of selling your car. In case you have accumulated any police fines, visit the police station and get them sorted out.
  6. Clear any car loans: If your car is financed by a bank, make sure that you clear the loan before putting it on sale since banks often take weeks to prepare the paperwork. That would enable you to pass on the car ownership to the buyer immediately.  For more complicated transactions, enlist the services of
  7. Have a replacement ready: Many car sellers who don’t have backup buyers end up with compromised deals. can help you find many good buyers!

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  • No middle-men or commission seekers: You won’t have to deal with any shady middlemen as we will deal with all the marketing and calls from potential buyers.
  • Free inspection report: We arrange for specialists to inspect all cars and provide an inspection report so that buyers can get quality assured cars. Moreover, the cars may come 3 month/unlimited car warranty that further increases your car’s value.
  • We guide you through the paperwork: Yup, it’s that easy. We assist you through your paperwork at the RTA!

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