Check These 3 Fluids in Your Abu Dhabi Car

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These days, cars use of an array of different liquids to stay in running shape. These liquids serve a number of purposes including greasing various parts of the vehicle and controlling heat. discusses three main liquids needed to maintain the quality of your used car so that you can easily sell your car later on. Read on to find out more!

1. Engine Oil

This is the primary fluid issued by cars to ensure smooth operation. It works to thoroughly lubricate the many parts of the internal combustion engine in order to spread warmth and give the engine maximum running life.

Engine oil is to the vehicle as water is to the human body, absolutely essential. Complete with modern cleaning particles, engine oil helps barricade any impurities and allows a smooth flow to develop. Since engine oil is not a very long-lasting product, it needs to be changed frequently to prevent a degradation in its quality.

Great care needs to be taken when selecting the type of oil for your vehicle as many cars are only compatible with specific makes. Using oil of the wrong category can cause great damage to your vehicle.

2. Brake Fluid

Today’s latest cars inculcate the use of brake fluid in the full functioning of the brake system to halt the vehicle. Brake liquid is rich in silicone which gives the car a unique property of composure making for a solid pedal-like sensation with high-heat bearing capability.

However, the disadvantage of brake fluid is that it takes in water from the environment and this large amount of water in the fluid can cause a shift in the heat scale. Lowered fluid temperatures make for slower and less effective brakes, which can prove to be dangerous.

Most producers of brake liquid suggest that it be replaced after a term of two years, not accounting for the actual use it has undergone.

3. Transmission Fluid

This type of liquid is very similar to engine oil as it works under the same motive; to grease the various components of the vehicle to help spread heat and in this case, to allow the vehicle to drive properly.

Specially designed to bear great temperature, transmission fluid often operates in vehicles with a fitted radiator that helps radiate heat from the components of the car.

Many car companies are known for having transmission servicing as one of their complementary services. However, in most cases, transmission fluid does not require replacement at all.

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