The Successor of Ferrari Laferrari: Ferrari’s Next Hypercar!

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There are sports cars, then there are exotic cars, and then there is Laferrari! The Ferrari’s Flagship model was revealed back in 2013 in the Geneva motor show with specs that were no short of a technological marvel. But now Ferrari teases a new hypercar expected to release in the coming 2020! So, Dubai used car owners and car enthusiasts, here is what has digged for you!

We know that the Laferrari came with a V12 engine with Ferrari’s HY-KERS hybrid system with a horsepower of 950! It’s 789 -hp got a 161 boost from an electric motor, which means that it is able to accelerate like a Bugatti Veyron while still maintaining a decent fuel economy! It also came with a 0-60 time of under 3 seconds with a top speed of 217 mph!

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But now Ferrari has a replacement for the vaunted Laferrari and it seems like it is going to pack an even more exciting version of the V-12 hybrid powertrain. Ferrari’s Chief marketing officer, Enrico Galleria confirmed that Ferrari is building their new hypercar with a budget of 4.2 million set aside between now and 2022! According to the company, the new hypercar will be the peak of “technological innovation and performance”!

However, it is unlikely to pack  a pure electric powertrain unlike its predecessor, the fastest Ferrari ever tested in the 63 years! The CEO Louis Camilleri added that Ferrari is considering an electric powertrain for its incoming products, but is more interesting in switching to plug-in hybrids or hybrids that will make up 60% of the line up by 2022.

The car is expected to remain in production till 2022 and there is also expected to be a “signicant increment” in the retail prices of all the cars in the coming years.

The hypercar will predictably be built in only limited numbers – an extreme example of Ferrari’s devotion to make it’s brand more exclusive and elusive! Ferrari, for its owners offers a symbol of exclusivity, heritage and quality. Quite understandably, since the purchase of a the exclusive hypercar requires a couple of Ferrari’s already under your belt!

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