Revealed! 2021 Mercedes-Benz C-Class AMGs

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The Mercedes-Benz C-class is one of the most popular cars for sale in Dubai. It’s a great all-rounder sedan that offers affordability with practicality. And there is good news: a new C-Class model (also known as the middle-class sedan) is coming out early next year!

At the 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show, the Chief Executive of AMG, Tobias Moers, gave some interesting insights on the new AMG model. He also talked about future car models that he was thinking about. Here’s what experts gathered about the 2021 Mercedes-Benz C-Class AMGs.

C 63 Plug-In Hybrid

The recent success and the popularity of Tesla has compelled Mercedes to electrify their car engines. It will help new models to stay on par with the future standards of emissions. Launching a series of hybrid models is their new objective and they are working on their strategy towards achieving it.

The upcoming C- and S-class AMG models will be a plug-in hybrid. They will be engineered differently from the non-AMG Mercedes plug-ins.

AMG values the car’s performance as well as fuel economy. The C 63 S offers a 4-litre turbo V-8 with 503 horsepower. Even though AMG enthusiasts may not understand, better mileage will eventually lead to more AMGs as well as a longer distance range. 

Moreover, shifting the plug-in hybrid powertrain of the 2021 C 63 into sports mode will improve accelerations compared to all the older versions.

2021 AMG 4-Door Coupe

CLA 45 S – an upcoming AMG that will power the 2021 Mercedes-Benz C-Class AMG model. It might even replace the 385 horsepower turbo-6 in the current C 43. 

The 2017 C 43 hit 60 mph in 4.2 seconds while the model before it C 63 S, reached 60 mph in exactly 4 seconds.

Mercedes-AMG boasted its new engine: a 2.0 litre turbocharged with four-cylinders. This model is the most powerful production in its series. 

The new engine will be installed into this second-generation CLA45, a 4-door coupe with 416 horsepower (i.e 7 horsepower more than the current version), with a maximum engine speed of 7,200 rpm.

All-wheel Drive for all AMGs

As of now, all the 2021 Mercedes Benz C-class AMG models will have AWD. While the existing models have it, the upcoming ones will have to get a rear-biased AWD system.

Many fans may change their view of the AMG due to many reasons, including the drivetrain shift and the introduction of hybrids.

Upon seeing the Mercedes sub-brands, customers gave many great reviews. 

Moers spoke, “We had our journey with brand awareness. When we started with our new strategy in 2014, we were well aware that the brand was not perfectly understood in every market.” 

Currently, the upcoming Mercedes-Benz C-Class is in its final phases of development. It is set to be launched at the 2020 Paris Motor Show and will be ready for sale by 2021.

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