The First All-Electric Aston Martin Rapid E has been Unleashed!

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Aston martin’s electric car was a long time coming. We heard about the concept back in 2015, and the production model has finally been revealed at the Shangai Auto show. This newly launched electric car for sale has a few great updates! has all the details regarding the new interior, exterior and specs!

The Electric drivetrain has an enhanced delivery and performance

The initial prototype has been developed with advanced engineering. The Rapid E exchanges the Rapid S’s 550 hp V-12 engine and a six-speed automatic engine with two electric back motors that boosts a horsepower of 605 hp on 701 lb-ft of torque. The top speed is claimed to be 155 mph that is around 35 mph less than the Rapid S. However, the 0 to 60 time is said to be under 4 seconds that is even faster than the Rapid AMR.

The exterior is the same but also different–and better!

Aston Martin claims that the powertrain of the Rapid E has improved delivery and character. It comes with a V-12 engine, three driving modes, a constrained differential and altered suspension components.

From a cursory glance, the Rapid E looks exactly like the combustion model. But it has received a bit of upgrade in terms of styling and aerodynamics. It has received an 8% improvement in the aerodynamics and a better range. Some other changes that it has received include a huge grille, with large holes for the front bumpers, and the electric drivetrain enabled the drivers to have a little more control with the Rapid E’s aesthetics. 

The Aston also claims that the aluminium wheels on the Rapid E impart it superior aerodynamics that enhance efficiency without affecting the braking system. 

The interior gets many updates

The dashboard is laced in carbon fibre and dark leather and blue accents are used that compliment some parts of the exterior. In addition, the interior also has a 10-inch digital clutch that displays the car’s power level, energy consumption, charging level and energy regen. In addition, Rapid E also has a smartphone app that has parking assist and that also provides directions for walking. 

The production units of the Aston’s Rapid E will be limited, however, with only 155 models to be built. The models will be produced in the Aston Martin’s Athan Plant. Aston Martin CEO, Andy martin stated that with the launch of the RapidE, the company aspires to embrace electric vehicle technology while still keeping the distinctive Aston qualities. 

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