The New Dubai-Sharjah Route Opens in June!

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All those who often travel to and from Dubai to Sharjah in their used car Dubai will be glad to know that an alternative route will be up and running next month. This new route is expected to improve traffic flow and make it easier for motorists to commute between the two Emirates. updates you in its latest scoop.

This new Dubai-Sharjah route has been under construction since last year. As per an announcement by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) on Saturday, it is now in its final stages of construction and will be opening at the end of next month. Finally!


used car Dubai

This road is a 12 km stretch between Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Emirates Roads. This AED 500 million project also includes extending Tripoli Street by 5.3 kms and a flyover between Shaikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street and Tripoli Street.

Moreover, three flyovers and an underpass will also be a part of this route. The underpass which will be at the Tripoli-Algiers junction consists of six lanes with signalised intersections. Six lane flyovers are being built on the junction of Tripoli-Nouakchott Road as well as Tripoli-Academic City road.

Once this route is open, it will decrease the traffic on Ittehad Road, Beirut Street and Mohammed Bin Zayed Road making it easier for residents to travel in their used car Dubai. Moreover, those who travel between the two Emirates often will find it easier to access the Emirates Road through Mirdif along Tripoli Road.

With this project, the RTA aims to ease traffic flow by 30% with continuous movement of 12000 vehicles per hour in both directions. Additionally, the waiting time at the road junctions is expected to go down to less than one minute. It will also be a major improvement in the traffic flow around Dubai International Airport.

This project will benefit motorists who have to travel frequently from and to Sharjah in their used car Dubai. The RTA is adamant on improving the movement of traffic by such initiatives. Residents should also make sure they abide by traffic laws and drive safely.