Gearheads in Dubai, Here Are the 9 Maddest Rally Cars of All Time!

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Gearheads in Dubai, the 9 maddest rally cars of all time
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If you’re looking to sell car in Dubai and buy a new one, then be sure to check out these rally cars. Coming in all shapes and sizes, rally cars are wild and sometimes outright crazy. We bring you some of the finest on our list:

1. Audi Group S

This Audi masterpiece was a part of twelve secret prototypes developed by Audi engineers without the knowledge of the bosses.

When it came to the knowledge of the bosses, 11 prototypes were destroyed and only recently one surviving prototype surprisingly emerged! This 1,000 bhp beast will certainly drop jaws on the track.

2. Mazda RX-7 Group B

In 1984, this Mazda RX-7 was set to take the rally stage by fire being one of the most extreme rally car ever built.

Injected with a 13B rotary engine with a 300 bhp, it had an insanely large fan following even though it wasn’t able to compete due to the early demise of Group B. However, if you love this car, you’ll surely love the Mazda’s for sale in UAE.

3. MG Metro 6R4

The MG Metro 6R4 is considered to be one of the best rally cars of all time with success in many international rallies.  

A British car with outstanding 6-cyl, four-wheel drive rally car in the 1980’s and was set to defeat the world. It went down due to mechanical failures and eventually the cancellation of Group B. This car was fabulous enough to be considered one of the top British classic cars if it was still around.

4. Opel Manta 400

A rapid rally car with a 275 bhp, Inline 4 engine, it was driven by Guy Frequelin in its world debut at Corsica in 1983. It’s head gasket fell off just after crossing the 100 miles mark which made its eventual demise almost inevitable.

5. Ferrari 308 Group B

As spectacular as it is, it wrapped a V8 engine, 300 bhp which made it a unique piece among rally cars of that time. If it was made now, we can only wonder what a monstrous car it would’ve been but it would have been in the top 5 Ferrari Racing cars.

6. Ford Escort RS 1700T

After the launch of MKIII Escort in 1980, the production of Escort Rs1700T was planned. It had a turbocharged engine, rear wheel drive and was the first true silhouette rally car.

The Escort faced many problems and challenges put forward by Ford’s upper management who were more in favor of a four wheel drive car. The project was dropped soon after. Nevertheless, Escort would have been a hard car to beat in the WRC.

7. Toyota 222D

A mid-engine, all-wheel drive car came into production with the idea of perfecting it for rallies and humble the rivals.   

This awesome rally car would have left the crowd awe-struck but it never made it to the road as Group S bit the dust.

8. Citreon BX 4TC Evolution

It certainly wasn’t the best when it came to performance but it was definitely the most breathtaking. Participating in only 3 rallies in its life, its success was pretty short-lived. Though, it was definitely a head-turner.

9. Nissan 240 RS

The best ever result of a 240 RS was when Timo Salonen achieved the 2nd place in the New Zealand Rally in in 1983. Flender flare extensions and a powerful 240 bhp engine were the highlight of this tamed rally car.

Its high reliability, low cost and tamed demeanor domesticated attitude made it known as the most successful “underdog’ of the Golden Era.

These full of torque beasts might not be a big deal at this time among used cars Dubai but they definitely left the motorists of the Golden Era amazed. Some of these extremely insane masterpieces have also emerged recently and are being auctioned so if you’re planning to sell your car UAE, you can check these out. If you can’t get your hands on them, you can surely turn to to look at used cars available for sale in UAE.