This Is What You Should Know Before Dating an Autohead in Dubai

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An autohead is someone who is not just passionate about cars but who lives and breathes all things car related. On the flipside, if you are someone who is uninterested in cars and is dating an autohead in Dubai, here are some of their quirks you should know before venturing anywhere near their new or used car!

  1. Weekends are sure to involve at least one car meet

They may even forget the dinner you arranged with your parents a month before but an autohead will never forget the time and place of this weekend’s car meet. They might even be early! They will swoon over their friend’s car’s engine or exhaust system the same way we might over a glittering ring on an engagement dinner!

  1. Five minutes under the hood is basically forever

An autohead’s car always has to be in top shape so you will find yourself waiting long hours in the sun while they check the car’s fluid levels or car pressure.

  1. Eating or drinking in the car is forbidden

To autoheads, there is no greater sin than eating and drinking in a car. A filthy car is a big no-no and god forbid if you spill anything than you might as well get the electric chair. So, eat your stuff outside the car and while you are at it, dust your shoes before getting inside the car as well!

  1. You will be anxious about the way they drive sometimes

We are not saying that autoheads are reckless drivers but sometimes the road is just too invitingly curvy or clear to not take a “racer’s risk” or drive speedily. To autoheads, happiness isn’t just around the corner, it is the corner! However, regardless of whether you are an autohead or not, rash driving must be avoided at all costs!

  1. They will always be paranoid while parking

To reduce the chances of any dents or dings, the autohead will make to park in a place that has zero probability of their car getting “dinged” by another reckless stranger! But you can’t really blame them since nobody wants an unwanted scratch on their new or used car after a good date– or any other occasion for that matter.

These autoheads are to be taken with a grain of salt though! We know that there are many other car fanatics out there who likes their significant other just as much as they like their cars!

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