Renault Expands as It Opens a New R-Store in Abu Dhabi

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Renault has officially marked its territory in Abu Dhabi as Al Masood motors, a leading automotive force in Abu Dhabi and official distributor of Renault, opened up a Renault concept store in the UAE. The showroom will feature Renault cars for sale from the famed Duster to the All-Electric ZOE.

Apart from the previously launched cars, there was also a veiled  “mystery car” in the showroom. During the opening ceremony, the veil was removed to reveal an All-New Megane R.S.

The Third generation version of the hot hatch takes inspiration from its forerunners to become an exemplary standard in the market of C-segment sports cars.

Muscly and powerful, the Megane R.S is heavily influenced by the “thunderous flamboyance” of the Sportscar world. It comes with a bumper, a central exhaust and a built-in diffuser. What further adds to the vehicles fierce profile is that it sits 5mm lower than the predecessor Megane GT and rides on 19-inch wheels.

The drivetrain for the Megane R.S is a forceful 1.8-litre four-cylinder petrol engine, eking out a horsepower of 280 with a 6,000 rpm at 390 Nm of torque. Moreover, its body includes wings that have been altered to be 60 mm wider at the front and 45 mm at the back.

The CEO of Al-Masood Automobiles, Irfan Taseel, said at the event, “The MEGANE R.S is an incredibly versatile sports car that is equipped with all of the advanced technologies featured on Renault MEGANE to ensure the comfort and safety of the drivers. The car provides outstanding performances through harnessing technology to boost versatility. The model is the latest addition to an impressive portfolio that proves the brand continues to grow every year and is one of the automotive sector’s greatest success stories”.

He further added that this admirable addition the Renault sports fleet is going to help in ensuring the brand’s success in the coming years. has a pretty neat collection of pre-inspected used Renault cars in the UAE! Check them out! In addition, you can also check out our other pre-inspected used cars for sale in a variety of makes and models!