5 Service Checks for Your Used Car in Abu Dhabi

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Never Skimp on These 5 Common Car Service Checks in Abu Dhabi
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If you wish that your car runs as smoothly as possible without incurring an avalanche of costs down the road, then there are some service checks that you shouldn’t skimp on. Doing so will also help you keep your car in top shape to make sure it retains its value when you decide to sell your car in Abu Dhabi. CarSwitch.com has put together a list of five important car service checks.

Skipping oil changes 

Make sure you don’t cover more than the recommended distance between oil changes because old oil is more harmful than you think. Over time, it can cause severe damage to the car engine, which means that in the end repairing the engine might cost you more than you saved on oil changes. Remember to get the oil filter changed as well while you are at it. While you’re getting your oil changed, you can also request your technician to check other fluids and see if they need to be changed.

Letting filters go unchanged

Both air and fuel filters play a big role and require timely replacements. Failing to do so can damage your car and blow a hole through your finances. Unless you’re a car-maintenance expert, let the filter replacement work be carried out by a technician.

Not rotating tires 

If you don’t rotate your tires periodically, your tires can wear and tear more quickly. This means that you would have to get your tires replaced sooner than you need to. In short, don’t forget to do this on a regular basis.

Not checking the brakes 

The brakes of your car also experience wear and tear over time. Since keeping them in good condition at all times is very important, you should get them checked periodically and never ignore any warning signs you notice. Make sure the brake calipers are not corroded or dirty, and if they are get them cleaned. For obvious reasons, brake repairs should always be done by a professional.

Forgetting to checking the cambelt  

A car’s engine rotation is synchronized by the cambelt, also known as timing belt, and if it’s malfunctioning or snaps, the engine can get damaged. So, make sure you keep an eye on it and replace it as soon as you notice any signs of damage or if it’s too old. 

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