How to Get Your Dubai Car Ready For A Holiday

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Going on a long holiday? If you are planning to be away from your home for longer than a week, it’s a good idea to prepare your car so that you find it in good condition when you return. Be sure to take some essential steps to make sure that your car remains in running condition. You may have to fix a host of problems after a long journey if you don’t do so. Taking care of your car will also maintain its resale value and prove to be useful when you decide to sell your car in Dubai down the road. has compiled some handy tips on how to prepare your car.

Clean and cover the car

First of all, it’s recommended that you should wash your car and wax its exterior. Otherwise, the residual dust might corrode the paint or even cause rust. Similarly, you should also clean the car from the inside. Be sure to vacuum the interior. Once you’ve cleaned your car, drive it to a covered parking space or garage. If you are parking your car in an open space, invest in a waterproof car cover.

Make sure the parking brake is disengaged

If you intend to stay away for a long period of time, you probably don’t want to keep the parking brake on as doing so can cause damage. That’s why you should instead get some wheel chocks to ensure your car doesn’t budge from its designated spot.

Take care of the tires

The last thing you want is to come back to flat tires. Thus, you should inflate them to the recommended pressure. Other than that, when a car is left idle for too long, its weight may cause the tires to develop flat spots. To prevent this, you could raise your whip off the ground with the help of a stand. If that’s not an option, you can request someone to give the car a spin while you are away to avoid flat spots. If you don’t plan on returning for more than a month, you might want to take the wheels off and place your ride on jack stands. Even though this might seem like a lot of effort, it’s worth it as you can avoid spending money on getting a new set of tires

Keep the battery charged

If the battery gets no action for a long time, it tends to lose its charge. So you can try requesting someone to start your vehicle and drive it around for 15 minutes every two weeks. If that’s not an option, either disconnect the negative battery cable or get a battery tender/trickle charger so that the battery doesn’t discharge.  

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