7 Car Driving Tips for New Drivers

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If you are learning to drive your new or Dubai used car and want to learn a few basics, here are Carswitch.com’s five top tips for new drivers when they get behind the wheel.

  1. Get to know your car

It is important to familiarize yourself with the basics of your car before you start to drive it completely. Get to know some car basic your your Dubai used car in theory; such as the working of a clutch, how gear arrangements work, how the engine works. Feel the working of your car and listen to it. That knowledge might come in handy for car maintenance as well.

  1. Is your seating position correct?

It is crucial to find the right seating position. An incorrect position causes lack of comfort and control. Make sure that you sit in an angular position with your back and your back and rear is fully supported by the seat. You should also be in a position where you can see your surroundings clearly and comfortably.

The height of the seat should be in a position so that your eyes are at half the windshield height. Also, avoid slumping and sit upright.

  1. Avoid distractions

Once you are behind the steering wheel, keep your attention on the road. Adjust the seat belt, wear the mirrors, and be mindful of the traffic guidelines. The most important nuggets to remember to prevent distracted driving is this; don’t use your cell phone while driving and don’t drive with alcohol in your system.

  1. Maintain a good distance from other cars

When you are driving your Dubai used car, maintain a considerable distance from other cars that are beside you and upfront. You may be a guarded driver but that doesn’t mean that others will be too. It’s better to be a defensive driver instead of an aggressive one.

  1. Always use turn signals

Turn signals and indicators are pretty important once you are on the road. Alert the cars around you if you are about to take a turn. Their use can save a lot unpleasant road situations.

  1. Avoid unnecessarily honking

Horns must be used to make the drivers around you more aware, but not to take out your anger or stress. Overuse of car horns can anger the fellow drivers and lead to road rage.

  1. Keep your calm

If you are a beginner driver, don’t let your mood or personality traits influence your driving. Driving in anger doesn’t give you the right to overspeed and and being happy doesn’t mean that you can jump traffic lights. Follow all the traffic guidelines while driving your Dubai used car.

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