Car Dashboard Warning Lights You Must Not Ignore

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If you are a new driver, you are probably still trying to get a hang of things. Some signs and symbols on the dashboard may mean nothing to you in your used car in Abu Dhabi. However, it is essential that you know what these symbols mean for a safe driving experience. Here are some you absolutely must not ignore:

Seat Belts

Newer models can also determine if the front passengers have fastened their seat belts on and if that’s not a case, they will warn you. The light will not go out until both the driver and the front seat passenger buckle up. While you might not take this seriously, it’s crucial you have your seat belts on at all times. This can prove to be life-saving in case an emergency arises.

 Engine Temperature Warning Light

 An indicator light shows that the engine temperature has exceeded the acceptable range. This warning must be taken seriously as overheating can lead to engine damage. This light is usually on the dashboard gauge cluster and is either represented by a thermometer or displays the word ‘engine overheating’ or ‘temp’. When you spot it, pull over, shut the engine off, and check fan operation, coolant level, coolant leaks, and radiator cap.

 Low Fuel

 The warning light, it’s accuracy, and meaning will largely be dependent on the model you are driving. Typically, as the fuel tank starts getting empty, the fuel gauge becomes less accurate. Thus, you must always try to fill up as soon as the warning appears, instead of letting fuel go to dangerously low levels.

 Battery Charge Warning Light

 This one means that either the charging system of the car is short of power or it is not charging properly. Usually, when this light comes on, it’s indicative of an issue with the battery or the alternator. As soon as you get this warning, try getting to your nearest garage. That’s because even though your car might continue to behave normally if the battery light comes on, it will stop as soon as the stored energy depletes.

Emergency Brake

 This light indicates that the emergency brake is either fully or partially engaged. That’s not a good idea as this could be damaging for the brake components. As soon as this light comes on, release the emergency brake, and then only proceed with driving.

 Oil Pressure Light

 This one shows that your car’s oil pressure system is not working as it should. You might be low on oil or the oil pump might not be circulating a sufficient amount of fluid to lubricate the surfaces inside your car. You must get to the root of the issue as soon as possible and fix it to prevent engine damage.

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