Car Covers: A Great Car Investment

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If you want to keep your car in prime condition so that you get a good price when you decide to sell your car in Abu Dhabi, one thing that you must do is to keep it covered. Whether you park your car in a garage or outdoors, the right cover protects your car from dirt, sunlight, rain, and humidity. Confused about what kind of Cover to buy? is here to help you!

Which Type Of Cover Should You Go For?

If you are confused about what kind of cover you should buy, consider the following:

  1. Indoor Or Outdoor

If you park your car inside a garage, you can use an indoor car cover as it can protect your ride from minor dents and scratches. An inside car cover can also safeguard your car from door dings that can be caused by other vehicles. Moreover, it will also save your whip from bicycles, scooters, and anything else that you might have kept in your garage. Light covers are easy to take on and off and it is also recommended that you get one which is mildew resistant.

Although most car covers work well both indoors and outdoors, you might want to buy a heavy duty cover if you usually park your car in your driveway as it will provide extra protection. Outdoor covers are usually made of high strength polyester fabrics and are often waterproof. They are also breathable and UV resistant.

  1. Custom

Custom car covers are specially tailored for your vehicle. They fit your car perfectly and do not rub against your paintwork.

  1. SUV, Truck, And Caravan Covers

Bigger vehicles require larger covers but they are usually made of the same material. It’s a good investment to keep your SUV or truck covered in order to keep it maintained. A well-maintained car has a good resale value in case you want to sell your car in Abu Dhabi.

  1. Universal Car Covers

These are usually low quality but can generally fit all cars. They are pretty baggy which means wind can easily blow them around and this can make the cover draw dirt underneath. They also do not have mirror pockets and provisions for louvers, spoilers, canards, scoops, and splitters. However, they can be used to seal your car for an extended period.

  1. Ready-Fit

Ready-fit covers are kind of like universal covers, but they are cut to match the vehicle (pickup, hatchback, van etc) so they they have a greater degree of fitment.

Car Cover Fabric

You can either go for cotton or synthetic microfibers. Since cotton is bereft of any water-repellent or UV properties, it can only be used indoors. On the other hand, synthetic fabric is used in outdoor covers as it is a water repellent and provides natural UV and mildew resistance.

What is the best color?

If you live in a sunny climate, it is recommended that you choose a light color. However, if you live in a colder climate, you can also choose a vibrant color.

It’s always a great idea to invest in car keeping as it helps if you want to sell your car in Abu Dhabi in future.

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