The Best Time to Be a Car Enthusiast

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If you have or plan to sell car in Abu Dhabi or any other place, you might know that the auto industry has always been at the forefront of innovation to bring the best of the tech forward. As evidenced by’s extensive inventory of cars, the car industry is going through a revolution that may change the way we look at the auto industry forever.

Automotive tech is flourishing

As technology keeps on changing and improving, there is no industry that faces the changes as drastically as the tech industry does. All the major auto giants such as the BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Nissan and most of the other auto companies are focusing mostly on the driver’s riding experience.

From BMW’s Connecteddrive, Audi’s adapted control and assisted parking, Chevrolet’s Heads up display to Ford’s in-sync voice control that is like Siri for your car, companies are on the road to provide the best possible in-driving experience as they can!

The rise of the autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are already a concrete reality. GM’s fully autonomous, Cruise AV is claimed to be one of the first autonomous vehicles to join the commercial passenger service.  General motors also aims to make driverless cars a reality by joining the fleet of may tech companies and startups that aim to develop and commercialise robo taxis over the next years. Earlier this year, Uber announced that it will have 24,000 self- driving vehicles.

There is still, however, a reluctance for autonomous vehicles to be adopted by the mass market as a whole. Issues of accountability in case and lack of human foresightedness when there is an accident There are certainly many pros and cons of self-driving cars and it has certainly become a new focus of area for most drivers.

Entertainment is another big area of focus

Having fun while you are driving is another area that car companies are focusing on these days. With self-driving vehicles on the rise, there is a more important question as to what the riders will do when they are not occupied with the wheels. Many manufacturers are looking at ways to sell car in Abu Dhabi with simple and effective ways for the driver to interact with the car.

Infotainment systems are now more advanced than ever as companies like Amazon, Apple, Google are all in the game.

Touchscreens and voice controls are also being introduced in most vehicles to improve in-driving entertainment without the driver having to take off their eyes from the road at all.

The future of driving is certainly more rife with more exciting opportunities for both the companies and the drivers. Embracing big changes as they come is the way to move ahead.

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