What to Consider When Buying a Car Tire Inflator

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8 factors to consider when buying a tire inflator for your used car!
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Car drivers dread the thought of dealing with a punctured tire because it can cause a lot of hassle, especially in the scorching heat of Dubai, UAE. If you want to save yourself from unnecessary trouble, tire inflators can be your savior and also lead to lower maintenance costs. Now, the matter at hand is what qualifies as a good tire inflator for your Dubai used car. Here are some factors to consider before buying a tire inflator.

Air pressure gauge

A good tire inflator should have an air pressure gauge as it allows you to ensure that you are using the right amount of pressure while inflating your tire.

Auto-inflate feature

This feature makes the whole process much easier. It enables you to enter the estimated amount of air you would like to inflate your tires with and once you press the ‘go’ button, it will wrap it up for you.

AC/DC compatibility

Ensure that the tire inflator you’re buying is compatible with both AC and DC. This makes it easier to inflate tires no matter where you are.

Longer Duty cycle

Duty cycle is the amount of time your inflator will remain functional before it needs to cool down. Considering the UAE’s hot climate, things get heated pretty quickly, so you should always go for a tire inflator with a longer duty cycle.

LED Work Light

Tire punctures, of course do not have a right time. This light helps you in situations when you’re stuck with a burst tire in a dark location. It can also send a signal to nearby drivers so that they can help.

Fast Inflation

Just imagine being stuck with a puncture when you’re running late for a meeting. At that moment, you might want to sell your car due to frustration but if you have a tire inflator that inflates tires in the shortest possible time, it can save you from being late.


Complicated tire inflators will not only waste your time but they might also add to your frustration. Make sure that the tire inflator you choose is easy to use and has all the necessary features as well.

Size of the inflator

To make sure that you’re prepared, you would probably want an inflator that is in your car around the clock. Compact inflators are easy to lift, carry and pack.

Tire punctures are sometimes inevitable, but having a tire inflator can give you peace of mind. To completely avoid the stress of a punctured tire, make sure that you check for any signs of bad or worn out tires.

Don’t forget that if you’re planning to sell your car anytime soon, you might have to bear the cost of new tires for the car to pass the RTA test before transfer.

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