Buying Used Cars in Dubai: Know the Specs!

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If you are looking to buy a used car in Dubai, you might have come across the terms GCC specs and imported (American or Japanese) spec cars. Scratching your head wondering what’s the difference between them. CarSwitch brings you the lowdown!

GCC Specs Rule!

GCC specs are region-specific. Cars equipped with GCC specs will have air filters, radiators, and air conditioners suited to the GCC region. Think of these as customized cars designed to withstand the tough environmental conditions in the Gulf region.

For example, Dubai can get numerous sand storms throughout the year which easily exposes the car’s mechanical system to sand and dust. The air filters in GCC spec cars are modified to protect the engine and the radiators are designed to adapt to the extreme heat conditions.

However, one of the biggest reasons why you would want to buy a GCC spec car is the better air conditioning. In GCC spec cars, AC compressors are designed to work more efficiently.

Here’s the Catch

Seems like a no-brainer then that you should always buy a used car with GCC specs. However, there’s a catch! Since all cars are manufactured elsewhere and later imported to the UAE, the brand’s exclusive distributor will often mark up the price. This means that an American or Japanese used car will often be cheaper compared to a GCC spec car of a similar make or model. Bear in mind, though, that GCC specs cars can be resold at a comparatively higher price.

Make an Informed Decision

On the flip side, there is typically no service history available for these cars. So, if you are investing in a non-GCC specs used car you will need to be very careful. Dealers tend to cut corners to make a profit so they may import a salvaged car or one that has been in an accident, fix it in the UAE, and sell them at a high price. And you wouldn’t even know the difference! So make sure you check the car’s history, especially for imported cars. In addition, if you own a non-GCC spec car, then it is also not that easy to sell your car in Dubai, UAE.

At the end of the day, all you need is a well-maintained, second-hand car. At CarSwitch, you can get inspected, certified, and warrantied used cars in Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi so skip all the hassle and check it out. Happy switchin’!