Bugatti hypercar worth €3 million hits Dubai roads

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Truth be told, the UAE has always been the most favoured market for the majority of ultra-luxury car brands. Same is the case with Bugatti, the top-notch French luxury brand part of the iconic Volkswagen Group. That is why, it was understood that Dubai was selected as one of the few markets where end-users were offered a chance to test drive the new awe-inspiring Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport hypercar. Hooray!

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Gear up for something extraordinary 

Bugatti has maintained that for each and every heavy output from the 8.0 litre W16 engine, 1,500 horsepower and 1,600Nm, the Chiron Pur Sport gives more of everyday usability. The good news for existing customers of the Bugatti brand and also potential customers of the Chiron Pur Sport was that they got a golden opportunity to put the aforementioned claims to the test in Dubai a week ago. 

As far as speed is concerned, Chiron Pur Sport will blow your mind with its super fast swiftness by going from 0 to 100kph in just 2.3 seconds, to 200kph in only 5.5 seconds and to eye-popping speed of 300kph in no more than twelve seconds. Moreover, this is truly one-of-its-kind car having grip-optimised tyres and sophisticated aerodynamics with a fixed rear wing to make sure more downforce and lateral dynamics. 

“We wanted to personally present the Chiron Pur Sport to our loyal customers in the United Arab Emirates despite the COVID-19 pandemic,” expressed Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti. “The most agile member of the Chiron family demands more than just a theoretical explanation via video stream or digital video conference. Customers must drive the Chiron Pur Sport and experience the incredible power and lateral dynamics for themselves.” 

Winkelmann further added that it was very significant for the brand to ensure that end-users in the UAE experienced the awe-inspiring acceleration of the car to comprehend what is special about the new Chiron Pur Sport. “It is a model for maximum driving pleasure and for drivers who want to be at one with bends,” he revealed.

As far as the production version of the Chiron Pur Sport is concerned, it has been limited to 60 units and is priced at three million euros (Dh13.5million). The car is being built in Molsheim, France. 

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