BMW Reveals Its Answer to Tesla: the Sleek and Powerful Electric i4

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Constructed on Bimmer’s widely known model, the 3-series, the new i4 is a low-slung, four-door, ready to take your breath away vehicle. BMW has previously experimented with electrified models as well, e.g., the trendy i3 and extremely stylish i8 as evidence. Now the 2021 i4 sedan will further boost the brand’s EV portfolio. It is expected to compete with models such as Tesla Model 3 and Audi E-Tron GT. We can’t wait for this to be listed as a car for sale in Dubai soon! But for now, have fun reading the details that the experts at CarSwitch have compiled after doing some research!

The complete details have not been unveiled, but we know that the BMW EV is likely to be equipped with a 530-hp electric motor along with an 80-kWh battery pack. BMW contends that i4 will run a driving range of 372 miles with the full support of high-tech equipment when it’s available in the market sometime in 2021. Fans all around the world are waiting eagerly for BMW i4 to be unveiled. 

The most exciting bit is the new logo displayed on the bonnet of the i4. The famous black ring around the black and white pie will no more be displayed on BMW cars. The new logo is two-dimensional and resembles a sticker due to its flat design. The transparent ring provides room for the paint to shine through it. This design is likely to attract young buyers and its minimalist design has attracted praise from all around the world. 

BMW has stated that this new logo is better suited to digital platforms. The design concept of i4 embodies aesthetically pleasing proportions with a lot of attention to detail. According to reports from BMW offices, the i4 will be able to travel around 372 miles on a fully charged battery. 

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BMW is currently offering some warranty packages. Limited warranty covers up to 4 years years/50’000 miles. Powertrain warranty also covers 4 years or 50,000 miles. Hybrid components warranty covers up to 8 years/100,000 miles. Complimentary maintenance covers up to 3 years or 36,000 miles. This variety of packages helps the buyer choose according to their needs and lifestyle. Since i4 is an electrically powered vehicle, its battery components are likely to be covered for 8 years or 100,000 miles. 

The first look of this electric model was broadcasted to the world on 3rd March 2020 and it will hit the market in 2021. The i4’s glass roof and digital display on the interior has left fans in awe of its craft. This model is likely to be one of its kind. 

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