11 Fun and Affordable Car Hacks You Must Try in Dubai!

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There are a lot of car problems that can be solved with just a little bit of creativity and elbow grease. CarSwitch has compiled a list of affordable and easy hacks that are not just great for Dubai car maintenance but also make your car experience enjoyable!

  1. Toothpaste can be used to clean headlights: Yes, you read that right. Toothpaste is not only valuable for your teeth but also your headlights. Rub toothpaste all over the plastic cover of your headlights, let it sit for ten minutes and then rinse it off with water. It requires a little arm strength but will leave your headlights sparkling.
  2. Use a plastic cereal container as a trash can: We all know someone whose car resembles a trash can, forward this hack to them! Put your trash in an empty cereal container and empty it out later.
  3. Mesh bungie net can add extra storage: Preparing for a long road trip? Struggling to fit everything into your bags? Just attach a mesh bungie to the handles on your car ceiling to create more space!
  4. A shoe can be used as a cup holder: Your tennis shoe is the saviour here; it’ll protect your drink against every bump on the road. The shoe opening is very adjustable and can fit any cup ranging from your tea mug to a soda can. 
  5. A seat warmer can be used to keep the food warm: This is for the folks who are usually found in the drive-through lines honking their horns. Now you can make it home with your meal still hot. There are seat warmers in many Dubai cars
  6. Use a plunger to fix dents: A plunger is a holy grail for small dents. However, it may not work on seriously damaged areas and it’s always better to get professional help.
  7. Rub out scuffs with toothpaste: Rub a little toothpaste on the scuffs, wipe it clean, and see the magic!
  8. Use a laundry basket to declutter your car:  Annoyed by things rolling around in the trunk of your car? Put everything in a laundry basket and then sort through them one by one. Get rid of the ones you don’t need anymore and then properly organize the remaining ones in your car.
  9. Install a backseat organizer: You can fill it with car supplies, stationery, maps, or whatever else you want.
  10. A DIY air freshener: Who doesn’t want their Dubai car to smell good? Drop a few fragrant wax cubes in a jar and screw on a top with holes. When your car heats up in the summer, the wax will melt and you will have an instant air freshener!
  11. Get a magnetic phone mount: You can find lots of reasonably priced magnetic phone mounts online! This small investment is totally worth it!.

These hacks mostly involve everyday household items. Moreover, they are easy, fun and will save you time and money!

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