UAE Bans Import of Faulty American Spec Cars

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Anyone who has considered buying an American-spec car knows that they are a great deal – 20-30% cheaper than their GCC spec counterparts – but you could be buying a lemon! UAE government is releasing rules to address this issue. Puzzled by how the new rules will affect you? Read and all your questions shall be answered 🙂  

You can take a deep sigh of relief from May 1, when the ban will come into effect and prevent people from importing rebuilt, flooded, and burnt cars from the US.

Still finding it hard to understand why this is such a big deal? As a car buyer, you must have felt some discomfort while buying an American-spec car without any service history. After all, very few people can tell what a car has been through while in the US. Perhaps it was completely damaged in an accident or fire and then rebuilt using sub-standard repair parts. Such cars are not safe to drive and are more likely to break down unexpectedly. This ban is sure to pluck some of these concerns away from the process of buying a secondhand car when you are in the market for used cars for sale in Dubai, UAE. The ban also covers cars that cannot be repaired or have major manufacturing defects.

This is a win-win step for you and everyone else, including insurance providers and traffic departments. Experts have hailed this as a big leap towards improving the reliability and safety of used cars.  Here’s hoping more similar steps are taken in the near future to boost the confidence of car buyers in the UAE!

These new rules are sure to alleviate some of the worries while buying an imported used car. Looking to buy a used car with GCC or American specs without any worries at all? Visit! All our cars our inspected, certified and warrantied so you will never get stuck with a lemon.