Have a backseat driver in your car? Follow these tips!

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Unwarranted advice can be extremely irksome. However, whether we like it or not, we cannot escape unwanted advice and this holds true when it comes to driving in Dubai as well. In the driving world, some of the most despised specimens are the ‘backseat drivers’ – those that interject with opinions on how the actual driver should manoeuvre their vehicle. So much so that their constant nagging can make you want to sell your car and them with it!

Now, how does one go about the process of driving with passengers who have far too much to give in terms of driving tips and techniques and which cut should be made. CarSwitch.com understands the ongoing problems that poor drivers face due to passenger’s unwanted advice. The UAE buying and selling vehicle marketplace has listed some crucial steps you as well as the fellow passengers can follow to have a peaceful journey ahead.

1. The driver should be as informed as possible

The first step is to be as prepared yourself as you can be. The surer you are about the directions, route and overall trip, the better you will drive. If the driver, themselves, is unsure of the route, it will only give a leeway for the backseat drivers to interject with their opinions. 

2. The driver should take care of time management

It would be a good idea to act well within time. Do not leave turns, switching lanes or overtaking other vehicles to the last minute; indicate your plan to do so with ample time to spare. Not only will this be appreciated by other drivers on the road, but also will have a calming effect on your passengers when they see that you are prepared. 

3. The passengers should empathize with drivers

As for the backseat drivers, they should play out a reverse scenario in their heads. They will see how it feels to be constantly disturbed by someone, whether this is during the drive or any other task. 

4. The passengers should engage in other productive activities

To avoid becoming an annoying backseat driver, passengers should find something to occupy themselves with. For example, take over the song playlist during the journey or prepare some games you can play to have a nice ride. 

You need to remember that what you may intend to say may not actually be beneficial but might just disrupt the driving process. 
However, if push still comes to tug, then we “advise” these frantic backseat drivers become the actual drivers and let others enjoy the journey in peace and quiet. You can now choose from our list of high-quality Dubai used cars or sell your car at CarSwitch.com!

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