Audi’s New Feature Helps Drivers Catch as Many Green Lights as Possible!

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Audi has launched a freakishly advanced traffic system! Looks like a car equipped with this feature might become Audi’s best selling car! The feature has real-time speed suggestions that assist in avoiding red traffic lights and catching the green ones. Hop on with CarSwitch to find out what it is exactly!

Audi has launched its GLOSA system (Green-Light Optimized Speed Recovery System) that tells the driver the optimal driving speed that can enable them to catch the green signals before they turn red.

The system uses the position of the car, traffic signal information, distance to stop, the speed limits for the area, and the signal timing profile to calculate real-time recommendations for the driver. Moreover, according to Futurecar report, this particular feature is also said to reduce stress.

The GLOSA system is compatible with the some select 2017 Audi models and the new models which have the TLI,“ Traffic Light Information option. As soon as these Audi models reach the connected drives, they receive information from the traffic management system that monitor’s lights through the car’s 4G LTE light connection.

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When the light turns red, the TLI features the remaining time until the signal changes to red in the optional-heads up display or on the information system in front of the driver. According to Mark Del Russo, the American president of Audi, “Not only do vehicle-to-infrastructure technologies like GLOSA benefit drivers today, but they’re also the critical steps needed as we continue toward an automated future,”

Audi launched it’s TLI system in collaboration with Traffic Technology Services that helped them with infrastructure in many cities and metropolitan areas of the city. Today, over 4,500 intersections support the GLOSA system functionalities.

This is just one way that the auto industry is improving on the design, technology, and art of automotive design. However, we do hope that Audi drivers don’t abuse this design by driving recklessly and endangering the lives of other citizens.

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