Did you hear about the recent Audi ad that created an uproar in China? Thankfully, here at CarSwitch we don’t have to resort to such antics to sell used cars in Dubai! Want to get the full story? Read on.

In an attempt to revive sales in the world’s largest car market, the German automaker Audi came up with a rather disturbing and controversial ad. The video which has since gone viral and will also be aired in cinemas this week shows a fussy mother-in-law probing her son’s bride-to-be interrupting their vows at the altar.

A voice-over later declares that “Important decisions must be made carefully…Only with an official certification can you relax.” The ad then shows the web page for an approved Audi second-hand cars retailer.

Granted that when it comes to used cars Dubai, certified is good, but there are clearly better ways to communicate this. Good thing here at CarSwitch we don’t pull antics like this to convince our customers to buy inspected and warrantied second-hand cars in Dubai. Our detailed 200pt inspection checklist speaks for itself!

Understandably, the ad created an outrage among Chinese consumers and received severe negative reaction on social media. Audi says it deeply regrets the advert and it has since been withdrawn so that counts for something. In a statement, they also said that the perception created by the ad does not correspond to the company’s values in any way and an investigation has been launched to ensure the mistake is not repeated.