Custom Car: Audi A8 Ute

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Custom Car: Audi A8 Ute used cars in Dubai
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The Audi A8 does not need an introduction and this used car in Dubai is one of’s most popular sedans! The luxury sedan, first launched in 1994 has been offered in front and all-wheel-drive configurations and short-and long-wheelbase versions. It’s a sedan, but one guy’s DIY project turned it into an Audi A8 Ute. Read on to find out more about this project.   

Audi A8 Ute Was a Six-Day Project
 audi a8 used car in Dubai

After owning the car for ten years as a saloon, its owner decided to convert his A8 into a UTE. The invention was certainly born out of necessity. Basically, he sold his work truck and realized that he urgently needed a work vehicle.

So, he had to work on it quickly. He started working with the angle grinder but soon realized that some of the work will have to be outsourced. The problem was that his car, like all Audi A8s, had an aluminium body. So, he took the help of a local company to do a little welding work. They took care of the doors and the boot. The remaining panels were made from aluminium sheet and then put together. This is how it’s done in factories too.

While the whole process may sound complicated, it actually took just six days. The end result is pretty good and in no way does it look like a hastened job. The car boasts the 4.2 Quattro badge, which means it delivers 296 hp, thanks to the V8 engine that’s connected to an AWD system and a five-speed auto.

Castagna Milano Has Also Has A Rugged Wagon Version Of The Audi V8

As his experiment shows, you can always do a lot with a vehicle. However, if you would rather leave the work to the professionals, Castagna Milano has teased a rugged wagon based on the Audi V8. It will have a 6.0-litre twin-turbo W12 engine and feature a Quattro all-wheel drive. 

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The Italian company has given the luxury vehicle a new roofline with a conventional wagon shape. It has also added Allroad-inspired features such as aluminium accents for bumpers, silver roof rails, and black plastic cladding for side sills and wheel arches.

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