All-New Kia K5 Goes on Sale in the Middle East

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The all-new Kia K5 has been unveiled in the Middle East. This new generation vehicle comes from a brand that is associated with marvellous cars known for their quality and grandeur. CarSwitch, an online marketplace to sell any car in Dubai, did some research to share the details with you!

The new car has a fastback profile paired with a sleek body. Its most prominent features include a new design with an interior that is focused on the driver’s comfort. It comes with the latest technology, including the brand new powertrain options. 

The design and interior showcased in K5 highlights the beginning of a new era for Kia. The South Korean carmakers have incorporated a new style for their line of cars and SUVs. These designs have been aesthetically planned out in collaboration with all the three Kia design studios. These studios are located in North America, Europe and Korea. Artists in these studios have worked bring forward the most aesthetically pleasing line of cars and SUVs. K5’s design is a leap forward from previous designs; it is paired with the best elements of contemporary and modern. 

The prominent features of K5 which set it apart from previous models are its longer and wider body. These extensions give K5 a sleek finish. Changes have also been incorporated in the wheelbase; it has been extended to approximately 2,850mm, contributing to a stable driving character. Further changes include a 20 mm decrease in height. The height is now 1,445mm and compliments the other features of K5. 

Yaser Shabsogh, the Chief Operating Officer, Regional HQs, Middle East & Africa, Kia, is quoted to have said “From the UAE to Oman, KSA to Kuwait, GCC drivers are renowned for being some of the world’s most discerning motor enthusiasts, having cultivated a deep-rooted and keen-eyed appreciation for first-class cars. The athletic K5 is designed to measure up to and exceed the expectations of such ardent car lovers, emphasizing Kia’s commitment to stellar engineering and thrilling auto adventures,” 

The staff at Kia said that its interior, which has been incorporated with advanced safety mechanisms, connectivity and various infotainment technologies, contributes to making K5 the highest tech car in its category. K5 is equipped with technology that enables voice recognition. This software ensures that the driver can use his/her voice to manage features of the car, providing the driver with comfort and ease. The driver can tweak climate control, windows opening and closing, heating and audio player by using voice commands. 

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The K5 also comes with an 8 inch heads up display; this shows the driving information and other driving-related statistics on a small glass screen that’s visible to the driver. This screen also has a navigation facility, vehicle speed analysis, and other assistive technologies. This brand new model has been made available across the region, including KSA, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan and the UAE. 

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