“Al-Reem”, UAE’s First Home-Grown Car Will Be Launched This Year!

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Welcome Al-Reem, the first Emirati home-grown four wheel drive car! The vehicle will be launched in the local market by the end of the year. Sandstorm Automotive Factory has also announced to churn out 14,000 4WD cars in their first production phase. Here’s how the factory is planning to grow the market for new and used cars in Dubai!

The announcement that Sandstorm was launching their first four-wheel drive car was made at the Dubai Investment Park during a press conference where the automotive facility is expected to be opened.

The company has also announced to market another vehicle, “S24” that is going to be a double cabin pick-up. Both the vehicles will be designed solely by Emirati workers and will be a major contributor to the UAE vision 2030.

Al-Reem is a 4X4 designed to meet the requirements of a capable off-roader. It is going to be distinguished by its power, performance and it’s the ability to flourish in rough, sandy terrains. The “S24” on the other hand will be a five-seater, double cabin truck.

Al-Reem is set to be manufactured in the Sandstorm plant which will be a massive 48,000 sq. ft. and will consequently be expanded as the demand and the popularity of the brand increases. The factory which is designed to manufacture cars is one of the first to be launched in the GCC region. Moreover, 30-40% of their components are locally produced.

The CEO of Automotive Sandstorm Factory, Dr. Majida Al-Azazi, said that the move could be helpful in bringing international customers to the UAE market.

The company also has plans to set up a factory in UAE soon.

We are extremely proud of this groundbreaking achievement, which is the first Emirati factory to manufacture different types of 4×4 vehicles – a major milestone that we truly cherish, as being the region’s first manufacturers to make the first Arab 4×4 cars,” she said

She further said that “We managed to conclude several partnerships and deals with global auto manufacturers from Europe and East Asia over the past seven years.” She said that the factory was built after a thorough study, driven by the company’s resolution and passion to produce their first line of cars.

The vehicles will be manufactured in the plant and according to GCC specification and will follow many tests conducted by a certified international German company.

Al-Reem vehicle will be available in six different colors; white, golden, pearl white, grey, black and silver. The S24 car will be available in 3 colors; brown, black and white.

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