9 Essential Items to Have in Your Used Car in Dubai

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9 Essential items to have in your used car in Dubai
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Travelling takes up a major chunk of our time in Dubai, UAE. If your used car is showing signs of trouble, you should consider selling your car and investing in a new car, but another very important thing to remember as a car owner in Dubai is to carry some essential items in your used car at all times. Here are a few things you should never compromise on.

  1. Owner’s manual

You never know when your everyday trip to the office can turn into an absolute nightmare if something goes wrong with your used car. Owner’s manual contains information which you can refer to when you’re stuck in such a situation. Additionally, it is safer to be aware of any leaks that might occur in your used car.

  1. Spare tire and jack

Tire blowout is an inevitable and common issue faced by used car owners. Save yourself the trouble and always carry a spare tire and jack no matter how short the trip is and also, make sure you know how to change a car tire. It always comes in handy.

  1. Tire Sealant

What if you have a burst tire and you realize that your spare tyre is damaged as well? This is when a tire sealant can be a life saver. With a tire sealant, you can at least make the tire usable enough to get to your nearest service station.

  1. Flashlight

If you’re travelling at night and something goes wrong in a place you’re not that familiar with, it can really give you a scare. It’s best to keep a flashlight in the event of any unfortunate problems that might occur with your used car. And just in case you drop something under your car seat at night, you’ll know how to find it.

  1. Jumper Cables

A dead car battery can never be fun. A set of jumper cables is a must have in your car at all times. While you’re at it, also check for signs that your car battery needs replacement so you can avoid this situation altogether.

  1. Water and snacks

In the event of a traffic jams you’ll be standing at a halt for hours which can be mind-wrecking. Bear in mind the importance of having water and maybe an energy bar. It can help you pass time, avoid road rage and water can be helpful in case your car heats up.

  1. First Aid Kit

Never take chances on your health. In the case that you suddenly feel unwell or get into an accident, this is something you will be thankful for having. Just keep a stock of essentials such as bandages, gauze, aspirin etc just to patch things up if there is an emergency situation.

  1. A cell phone car charger

A cell phone can be the only means of communication when you’re on the go. If it fails, you’re pretty much dependent on strangers to get help from in case of an emergency and that isn’t a good place to be. Make it an absolute must to have a phone car charger while driving no matter how short the trip is.

  1. A trash bag

This one is a must when you’re on a road trip. Don’t trash your surroundings and keep a bag for your trash.

If you have the above things in your car, you’re good to go anywhere in Dubai, UAE. Then again, if you have all the above things and your car is too damaged, it is strongly advised that you sell your car and get a new one or you can check CarSwitch.com to get the best deals on used cars for sale.