Dubai’ans Brace Yourselves: GM’s Fully Autonomous Car Doesn’t Need a Driver!

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General motors is coming up with a fully autonomous car, Cruise AV – one without any steering wheels and brake pedal! Woah! How about selling car in Dubai for this bad boy?! Claimed to be one of the first self-driving cars in the commercial passenger service, this state-of-the-art vehicle does away with manual controls such as steering, brakes and throttle! Take a look at’s latest scoop!

The president of GM, Dan Ammann told the media that the company is seeking government approval to design “a futuristic model that does away with manual controls such as steering wheels, accelerating or brake pedals that will hopefully enter the commercial fleet in 2019.”

The cool features do not stop at here! Cruise AV is also said to have accommodations for the hearing and visually challenged. Moreover, it boasts of an even cooler feature: it opens the car doors for the passengers! Who needs a personal chauffeur when your car does that for you, right!

GM is part of much more than this model though. It aims to make driverless cars a reality by joining the flock of many startups, tech companies and vehicle manufacturers which are attempting to develop robo-taxis over the next three years in Asia, North America and Europe.

Speaking of robo-taxis, robocars are now the new talk of the town! Robocar is a driverless sports car with four elector motors that chuck out a total of 540 KW battery at a maximum speed of 120mph!

With the limitless technology for self-driving prototypes, companies such as Uber technologies and Alphabet’s Maymo have also been silently testing their own products, though less openly than GM.

By developing its own self-driving fleet to gain abundant revenue feedback in selling infotainment, peer-to-peer ridesharing and e-commerce, GM’s approach to business is seen as no less than ruthlessly savvy!

Wondering how exactly does the technology work? Well, the Cruise AV’s “digital brain” is equipped with a self-driving software and hardware – with 21 radars, 16 cameras and 5 lidars. Lidars are sensors that use laser lights to “see” nearby objects and obstacles.

We have to admit that bringing humans and robots together seems a bit robocop-ish. But either way, the potential for self-driving vehicles is not just phenomenal but also kind of necessary to bring innovation into the market. Recently, Tesla made waves with its remarkable technology in the electric car market!

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