If you own a used car Dubai , you must be aware that they have a limited life span. Though, intentional or unintentional mistreatment of your car can decrease its resale value or damage it beyond repair resulting in a decreased life span. CarSwitch warns you about some ways you might be ruining your car for good.

1.Not giving it time to warm up

Even if you are in a hurry, its is never a good idea to step on your gas pedal over and over again to warm your car. It will definitely lead to extreme engine damage. Give it time to warm up by itself, though living in Dubai, UAE it might not take a lot of time so just be a little patient.

2. Maintaining high speed on bumps or potholes

Not slowing down while approaching bumps and not avoiding potholes is a bad driving technique you must let go. Go carefully and slowly on bumps and stay away from potholes at all costs. Hitting them on full speed can damage the underbody as well as wreak havoc on your vehicle’s suspension.

3. Deliberately delaying fuel fill-up

Fuel prices in Dubai, UAE are undoubtedly prone to a lot of fluctuation. Although, punishing your car for high fuel prices might be a bad idea. If you run on low fuel for a long time, you’re just running your beloved ride on old fuel. This will clog the filters and cause engine damages to your used car Dubai .

4. Running on less inflated tires

This is not only a concern for the preservation but can also be a major safety concern. Low inflated tires can lead to tire bursts and immense damage to your used car Dubai. Additionally, keep a check on signs for damaged tires.

5. Ignoring your dashboard lights

Illuminated dashboard lights can be a reminder of many issues which if ignored can lead to dire circumstances. Always keep a check on any lights that are on as they can be a sign of an upcoming trouble. For example, there can be many reasons for the oil warning light to be on. If you ignore it for long, it can have devastating effects on your cars well-being.

6. Using the wrong type of oil

Not all cars are the same. Similarly, they might require different types of oil. Always choose the right oil for your car which is usually mentioned in the owner’s manual.

7. Ignoring noises from your car

Is your used car Dubai making noises? Those noises are a way in which your car is telling you that something is wrong or maybe it needs a tune up. It can be the sound of engine knocking and that can never be a good sign. No matter what the unusual noise is, get it checked by a professional as soon as possible.

8.Missing regular tune-ups

The key to keeping your car in good shape is taking it for regular tune-ups even if there is no obvious problem. A regular change of fluids and regular checkups of minor faults can save from incurring big costs as well as keeping your used car Dubai in a good shape.

Keeping a check on the way you treat your car can increase your car’s life. Also, it makes it easier to get a good resale price when you put it up for sale in Dubai used cars. To check out well-maintained and pre-inspected cars, visit CarSwitch.com and you won’t be disappointed.