2022 Rivian R1T Electric Pickup Truck

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The Rivian R1T pickup poses many questions. This truck is a heavy high-power vehicle that flashes to 60 mph in only 3 seconds and boasts a towing capacity of 11,000 pounds. The vehicle features a new position in the Venn diagram where off-roaders and EV overlap. Electric motors are popular for their capability to offer high torque from a standstill. If you want to buy Dubai cars, visit the CarSwitch website. 

Dimension, weight, and mechanicals

These motors can be tuned to either step forward slowly or sprint, unlike anything. Both extremes are possible along with the nuances in between. As opposed to internal combustion, electric motors can’t be affected by the thinner air at high altitudes. 

Despite it’s heavy 6,950 pounds, the truck picks up speed with zero hesitation. When the drive mode of Sport is set, you can enjoy 800 ponies and 900-pound feet of torque easily. The truck defies physics by achieving triple digits without making a noise. This experience is similar to mashing the throttle in a Bentley Mulsanne. 

When the R1T truck is bent to a corner, the same dissociative effect takes place. With a length of 217.1 inches, the truck is a bit longer than the Mercedes Maybach S-Class but still grinds with astonishing grace. An even more obvious thing is the lack of body roll. 

The unrivaled sophistication of the Rivian R1T truck is derived from its low center of gravity. However, it also displays a hydraulic roll control system instead of anti-roll bars. All the axles and corners are linked with a hydraulic network that maintains roll without negatively harming the ride.

On the other hand, this same system allows a high standard of poise off-road. In these circumstances, the hydraulics are ideally decoupled and the wheel movement on one side of the axle is totally independent of the other side. This system is also effective in decreasing the head toss common while driving on challenging trails. Throughout the bumpy terrain, you can sit without budging.

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Drive quality 

Boasting a ground clearance higher than the stick-axle Jeep Gladiator, the pickup truck coasts safely on little boulders. When the best effective settings of Rock Crawl and Off-Road are activated, the boulders can be 14.9 inches tall. If you want more ground clearance, you can purchase a different line. The off-road package ($2,000) consists of a one-piece carbon-fiber underbody shield and dual front bumper tow hooks. 

When you are riding the ascent, you won’t hear any noise as it is an almost silent truck. By activating the Rock Crawl and Off-Road settings for the bumpy trails, accelerator mapping is adjusted as well. The same pedal travel which converted the truck into a slingshot on the road now hardly pushes the vehicle forward.

At this point, the absence of sound is both a blessing and a curse. The input is smoother than what a torque converter can offer but it can be difficult to measure how much pedal is needed to tackle an obstacle. 

Excluding the sound of the engine not only removes the auditory show but it also allows the driver to observe the vehicle’s 4-motor system. Regenerative braking during the descent truly shines and the transparency of one-pedal is smooth.

Interior, Exterior, and Charging 

A user-friendly 16 inches touchscreen and an additional 12.3 inches that’s responsible for music information and navigation are given. Settings can be saved by individual profiles and linked to the Rivian app or their particular key. Streaming music services and cloud-based nav are offered. Most of the controls are managed in touchscreen and the brake lights shine when regeneration hits a particular g-force threshold. 

As compared to the exaggerated exterior of other half-ton trucks, R1T boasts a restrained appearance. Inspired by art deco aesthetic, twin ovoid nacelles, wide light strip, rear quarter panels, and LED bar to embrace the body. The frunk offers 11 cubic feet of sufficient storage. 14 cubic feet of under-bed and the 4.5 feet long back bed are also added. Generous charging options are scattered throughout such as 3 12-volt outlets and 6 USB-C receptables. 

Rivian is forming it’s charging network. It’s stations will add 140 miles of range in 20 minutes. Due to optimized tires, 314 miles of EPA range is guaranteed. An optional longer range of 180 kWh battery is available that would give 400 miles of range. 

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