Best Electric Vehicle Chargers for your Car

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If you own a plug-in vehicle, power grid charging adapters is a must-have item. This is because they remove the stress of waiting at a public station and do the charging from the comfort of home. As plug-in electric vehicles are gaining more popularity in the automotive industry, the commercial and public charging infrastructure is striving to fulfill the needs of car owners. 

Charging stations are very few even in busy cities. Fortunately, there are home charging methods available that serve as a convenient solution. Even if these do not charge as swiftly as dedicated charging stations, these home chargers let owners to plug in the vehicle whenever they want. 

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What to consider

In the US, the most popular 2 types of plug-in chargers are – 120-volt Level 1 and 240-volt Level 2. Other countries only need a conventional cable adapter for charging cars. For quick performance, prices and voltage both go up. Level 2 charging demands particular outlets, such as NEMA 14-50, 6-20, or 6-50 plugs. 

Outlets might also have to be installed. Some chargers are similar to Tesla’s Superchargers AK 480-volt ones. But they require the installation of separate power and come with particular power specs. This is why these quick chargers are found in commercial applications instead of homes. 

Apart from the voltage, all chargers have a particular amperage rating or a choice of Amp settings. Usually, high amperage offers quick charging but small batteries do not take as many Amps as big ones. 

For example, a Chevrolet Volt is restricted to 15 charging Amps whereas a Tesla Model S can handle 80 on a 240-volt line. The Tesla Model S will charge way quicker on an 80-amp circuit as compared to a 15-amp one. 

However, the Chevrolet Volt will require the same time in either case. It’s advised to refer to the car’s manual for recommended energy specs. 

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Duosida Level 1+2 Charger

This budget-friendly rudimentary charging cable is available with a 240-volt dryer plug, and an adapter to fit in a 120-volt outlet. There are no extra features but a 25 feet cable is also provided for covering long distances. With 4 little indicator lights (for Fault, Power, Charging, and Connected), Duosida is also weather resistant. 

Since it’s only 16 Amp, big batteries will take time to charge. This charger is ideal for plug-in hybrids and low-range EVs. 

Key Specs:

Voltage – 120 volts/240 volts (NEMA 6-20 plug)

Amperage – 16 Amps

Cable length – 25 feet

Morec 32 Amp Level 2 Charger

This one boasts a high amperage but it is also affordable! According to the company, it charges 8 times quicker than a Level 1 charger. Resistant to weather, it can be plugged into a 6-50 outlet. If you pay some more, you can gain a 14-50 version. 

The length of the cable is long (26 feet) and it’s button switches between 16- and 32-amp modes. Charge time, current-voltage, device temperature, amperage, and the car battery level are displayed on the little LED screen. 

Key Specs:

Voltage – 240 volts (6-50 or 14-50 plug)

Amperage – 16/32 Amps

Cable length – 26 feet

ChargePoint Home Flex EV Charger

With the highest amperage offering on the list, we have saved the best for last. It is rated to 50 Amp and is undeniably the most powerful consumer-grade wall charger. According to the brand, it is capable of charging 9 times quicker than a 120-volt cable at the best settings. The charger comes with both 6-50 and 14-50 plugs. 

But the 6-50 version is marked at a really high price due to the supply issues, probably. Similar to many chargers in this price category, the device can be controlled through an app and built-in Wi-fi is also added. Moreover, the charger supports Amazon Echo voice commands. 

It’s charging box features an attractive silver design along with a green LED ring. When the device is not being used, the plug can be directly clipped on it for efficient storage. It is Energy Star rated for maximum efficacy and is weatherproof. 

Key Specs:

Voltage – 240 volts (6-50 or 14-50)

Amperage – 16-50 Amps

Cable length – 23 feet

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