2021 Ford F-150 Tremor bridges gap between FX4 and Raptor

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In the previous month, the renowned automaker Ford revealed that it will offer a Tremor Package for the F-150 model once more. This announcement was met by anticipation and praise because it means that an off-road centered model will be formed for the customers. 
This Tremor Package actually serves as a bridge between the FX4 and Raptor trucks which are already in the product lineup. It has a high potency under the skin and we’re here to show exactly how. CarSwitch where you can view all pre owned cars in Dubai, brings you the in-depth details of this special off-road package.

Driving dynamics and Exterior of the off-road icon

The base trim level of the F-150 is a four wheel drive. It comes with a 3.5 liter V6 EcoBoost powerful engine paired with a taller suspension system. Superior ground clearance is provided by the 33-inch all-terrain General Grabber tires. These robust tires also elevate the driving approach as well as departure angles. 

In the standard equipment, the locking differential is given whereas a Torsen limited slip differential is offered in the options category. More things given in the standard equipment are off-road running boards and a front bash plate which shields the underbelly of the truck. The Tremor package is unique in its own class because it includes a grille design and a special hood. 

A blacked out oval Ford logo is distinct. The dual exhaust cutouts and double factory hooks at the rear area cast a strong impression. These features make it look unique from the other pedestrian F-150s. This Tremor is hailed as the most attractive and appealing version of the 14th Generation F-150 that the customers have seen so far. 

The towing capacity is 1885 pounds. This is highly capable because it can haul all sorts of overloading gear and powersports toys. Both front and rear suspension are given new springs. The special monotube shocks at the front and as for the rear area, twin-tube shocks are provided. This increases the suspension travel and ground clearance. The vehicle is able to ride higher from the ground due to the addition of a strong skid plate by Raptor and a set of 18 inches wheels. 

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Upscale hardware

The manufacturing company Ford is well aware that the drivers of F-150 want better off-road satisfaction. This is why it has provided the customers with everything that they desire so that they do not have to depend on extra foreign hardware or leveling kits from the aftermarket. In case the buyers want to upgrade the F-150, the company offers many optional features and functions that can fulfill all desires of people. 

Ford gives an overhead console switch panel which can effortlessly integrate an air compressor, lighting and other electrical parts. Apart from the hardware, Ford will also offer specific electronic gadgets so that drivers can easily navigate through the collisions and obstacles. The optional Trail Control has a mechanism similar to the cruise control. It allows the drivers to concentrate on choosing the accurate line instead of regulating a steady throttle. 

Another optional Trail One-Pedal Drive is provided to have even more sensitive maneuvering such as low speed rock crawling. This system pushes the brakes when the driver lets go of the throttle to give accurate control. Lastly, the optional Trail Turn Assist is focused only at the inside rear wheel in order to lower the turning radius. This system is highly useful when the narrow trails are negotiated in this full sized crew cab pickup truck.

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Wrapping it up

Although the next generation Raptor truck will offer even more robust off-road power, this Tremor Package will fulfill the off-road challenge. Even though there is no notice by Ford when the new package will be available in the market, it might arrive in summer. So far, the Tremor Package looks highly capable and promising and hopefully, in cost too. 

Whenever the Package will be released, it will be in a cutting edge competition with Silverado Trail Boss by Chevrolet and Rebel by Ram. If you want to sell any car in Dubai, go to the CarSwitch website and let our professional team handle the rest. 

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