2021 BMW 4-Series: Controversial Grille and More

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BMW has never failed to make sure that their fans are thoroughly impressed. When the newest BMW 7-Series and X7 were unveiled, fans all over the world talked about these cars for weeks. Carswitch.com, an online marketplace for used cars in Sharjah, did some research to share the details with you.

Prominent features:

The designers of Bravia had no plans to sit back and relax; they worked at a model that was even better than those unveiled previously. The brand new 2021 BMW 4 Series has captivated the world. It features an even bigger version of the kidney grille, giving the car an even greater look of grandeur and luxury. 

The concept and overall look of the grille has stark similarities from the Concept 4. BMW has introduced this shape of grill for reminiscing the old models; this shape was often featured in earliest versions of BMW. The upright position of the grille has been designed so that it could transfer air to the six-cylinder engine as efficiently as possible.

Not only does the grille look marvelous in its position, it also serves a practical benefit. The new model looks extremely sharp from all angles, although it resembles the generic models introduced by BMW but it has subtle elements that make it stand out. 

Security and exterior: 

In this day and age, auto-makers pay close attention to safety features installed in a car. BMW stands unparalleled in terms of the safety features it has introduced in the new 2021 BMW 4 series. Features such as front collision have been incorporated; this warns the driver in case of a potential collision. These also kick start emergency brakes in cases of a possible accident. 

Other safety features involve driving assistance packages with adaptive controls. This assists the driver in abiding the road signs, the lane-keep help and assistance is also provided. 

Style elements:

To support the sporty look of the car, the brand new car comes with a bespoke suspension. It features a 50:50 weight distribution; it is no longer a short and wide family sedan. The optional version, “M Adaptive” provides a much sportier driving experience; it comes with features like greater engine power that automatically impacts the performance. 

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The brand new 2021 BMW 4-Series is available to the residents of the U.S for sale; it was unveiled for sale a few weeks ago. Needless to say, the sales have been booming. The official global launch of the car is likely to happen in October. The brand new car is anticipated to be stocked in UAE and GCG showrooms hopefully by December if not earlier. The sales of 3-Series have considerably declined ever since this model was unveiled.

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