Weirdest Types of Car Fuels

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types of car fuels
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Studies are being conducted to look into the potential of other items to fuel our cars. Yes, French fries can be used as well!, an online marketplace to sell your car in Dubai and UAE, has compiled a list of the weirdest items that can be used as car fuel.


Corn is much more valuable than being a side on your steak platter. E85 flex-fuel cars function on straight gasoline or E85 ethanol. E 85 ethanol is a mixture of about 15 percent gasoline and about 85 of ethanol. When you break down the chemistry of corn, you will realize that it has the same composition as E 85 ethanol. It is true that E 85 ethanol is much clearer and has renewable properties. However, it is extremely expensive to make which is why it is not easily available. The composition of E 85 ethanol derived from corn may be much more sustainable in the future. 

    2. Garbage

This might not be the “cleanest” fuel but it is the most sustainable The Waste Management’s Altamont Landfill situated in the outskirts of California is one of the contributors for renewable gas. It is one the most significant disposal facilities in the world. The landfill generates gas which is liquefied and purified till it is fit for use. It is used to power trucks in California. Scientists explain how garbage is the most environmentally friendly and sustainable source of fuel. This disposal facility produces more than 13,000 gallons of liquid gas each day. 

3. Soybeans and French Fries

Scientists have revealed that vegetable oil along with a mixture of animal fat can be utilized to make nontoxic diesel which can be used to fuel vehicles. Moreover, this fuel is already being used in some parts of the world. The transition to this fuel is much easier since most diesel engines need almost no modification in order to run on biodiesel fuel. This alternate fuel source is extremely sustainable for the environment as well. 

4. Bacteria

This is the most surprising and least suspected alternative for fuel. Different forms of bacteria are currently being experimented upon so that they may be used as fuel. A bacterium actually plays a key role in producing “renewable hydrocarbons”. These hydrocarbons are manipulated by microbiologists to fuel cars. Scientists say that if they are successful in mass producing fuel through bacteria, they will be able to play a huge role in conserving the environment. 

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These items are the most unusual forms of fuel. Scientists began exploring these options in order to help conserve the environment and reduce the damage we inflict upon it. It is hoped that in a few years these items will be successfully able to mass produce fuel and power vehicles around the world.

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