Volvo’s Care Key Will Let You Set Speed Limits

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Volvo’s new cars for sale will now have a care key feature that will be particularly useful for reckless drivers! For 2021, Volvo will be focusing on their vehicle’s safety through the introduction of the Care Key. With this installation, users can assign a maximum speed limit at which their car will operate, making sure that the passenger’s safety is not compromised. 

Great for irresponsible drivers, the care key will not let drivers cross speed limits. The Care Key is only one of the many additions that Volvo is taking to protect its user’s safety. Just last month, Volvo announced that they will limit the maximum speed on their vehicles to 180 kph in light of over-speeding.

Volvo’s Chief Executive, Samuelsson, has recently initiated discussions on who should take responsibility to protect driver’s on the road: car companies or the drivers themselves? This is especially relevant given that car companies now possess the ability to implement breakthrough technology in their vehicles.

As far as Volvo’s part in this discussion is concerned, the Care Key and 180 kph speed limit is the start to the process. Volvo is taking all possible measures to ensure their customer’s safety. It also plays into a bigger picture: supporting a safer driving lifestyle.

Samuelsson spoke, 

“We believe that a car maker has a responsibility to help improve traffic safety. Our recently announced speed limit fits that thinking and the Care Key is another example. 

He further added,

“Many want to be able to share their car with friends and family but are unsure about how to make sure they are safe on the road. The Care Key provides one good solution and extra peace of mind.”

Volvo’s safety measures go beyond just protection; they also offer a financial incentive. With an increased safety aspect, Volvo users are unlikely to get into accidents, thus, cause less damage to their vehicle. Keeping this in mind, Volvo has reached out to a number of insurance firms to set up customized packages for Volvo users. These deals offer them better value for money in turn for their choice of brand. 

Although the specifics of these customized packages will vary, Volvo says that customers can look forward to benefiting from these deals very soon.

Samuelsson backs this up by saying, 

“If we can encourage and support better behaviour with technology that helps drivers to stay out of trouble, that should logically also have a positive impact on insurance premiums.” 

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