Most Unusual Car Colors Seen in Used Cars Dubai!

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Most Unusual car colors seen in used cars Dubai!
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We see a range of different colored used cars Dubai. Some colors are neutral whereas some are as flashy as they can be. There is nothing wrong with choosing a unique color for your car. It all depends on your taste. Here are some unusual colors that you might see among used cars in Dubai.



Pink is one of the most unusual car colors that you might see on the Dubai roads. You’ll be surprised to know that in the 50s pink colored cars, Cadillacs to be specific, were quite a thing. It was mentioned in a song by Elvis and he even drove a 1955 Fleetwood Series 60 which he got painted pink.

2. Fluorescent Green

Nothing will make your car stand out like a Fluorescent green color. Not everyone might like it but if you do, go for it. Also, it will glow in the dark so that decreases the chances of it getting into an accident!

3. Purple

Purple colored cars gained popularity in the 60s as well as the 90s but it was never considered a top color by owners of used cars Dubai. Though, burgundy, another shade of purple, is still pretty in.

4. Gold

Rare but certainly there. Not everyone is a fan of gold colored cars but those who have the money for it, certainly don’t mind it. It might be a little flashy and may seem a little more extravagant than usual but it will definitely turn heads.

5. Hue shifting

As stylish as it may seem, this one is tricky. You can never be sure of the color shift in the sunlight. It can be good but it can also be the worst at the same time. Nonetheless, it will surely grab the attention of many if done right.

Believe it or not, your car’s color can reveal a lot about your personality . These colors might look good on some models and might not turn up to be that good on others, so choose wisely. From models to colors, everything is important to consider when choosing used cars Dubai. takes pride in having different ranges of vehicles which cover all aspects from the buyers perspective and make the buying process easy and trouble free! Happy Switchin’!