Here’s Why Motorists in Sharjah Shouldn’t Drive with Unrestrained Pets

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If you are a pet owner and love to take your furry friend with you in your used car in Sharjah, it’s essential that you follow some safety measures. While having your cat or dog accompany you on a trip might seem harmless, sometimes it can be as distracting as calling or texting while driving. Thus, if you want to have a secure ride with your pet, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. You should also consider upgrading your car to a model that has enough room to accommodate a pet carrier. Be sure to follow this guide by the experts at

Unrestrained furry companions can lead to dangerous driving

Most pet owners do not restrain their animals when they are driving their used car in Sharjah. This not only puts more stress on the driver and the pet but can also lead to accidents. As per research conducted by Volvo Car USA and The Harris Poll agency, having unrestrained four-legged buddies on board leads to unsafe driving practices and distractions.

Titled ‘Keeping Pets Safe on the Road,’ the report contains the results of a study in which a team tracked 15 drivers and their dogs for a total of 30 hours on the road. According to the study, when pets weren’t harnessed or kept in a carrier or crate, there were 649 instances of unsafe driving behaviors. This number is 274 for the trips when the animals were restrained.

Moreover, it also increased the time drivers were distracted by two to three hours and 39 minutes. The things that distracted drivers include the pets sticking their heads out of the window, jumping on to their laps, or hopping from seat to seat. And that’s not all, it also resulted in increased stress levels. The heart rate of unrestrained pups was 7 beats per minute faster than when they were harnessed. Similarly, when the canine was buckled up, the drivers felt calmer, and their heart rates dropped by 34 beats per minute.

It’s better to have some sort of safety barrier when taking your pet for a ride

So, next time you think having an unrestrained pet is convenient, keep this study in mind. Simple measures can help you avoid mishaps easily. Thus, when you take your pets for a ride, have some safety barriers in place. This will also keep your pet safe when you stop your car suddenly. Different kinds of barriers and carriers are available in the market and you can go for the one that suits your needs and budget.

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