Toyota vs. Hyundai: Head to Head!

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Toyota is apparently trying to expand its Gazoo Racing performance brand with Corolla. The company has various performance-oriented spin-off brands such as the Gazoo Racing and Racing Masters of Nurburgring, which are produced in limited quantities. And it looks like Toyota is getting muscles to fight its newest gig! doesn’t have this car for sale yet, but here are the details!

Corolla Might Get The GR Treatment In The Future

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Previously, Corolla was offering its performance-centric cars mostly in Japan but now the company apparently wants to make Gazoo Racing a global brand and make sporty Toyotas under its name. As a part of that move, the company could brand the new Supra as a GR offering. Corolla might also receive GR treatment. Of course, this could be a little confusing as customers might have a hard time telling a TRD model apart from a GR/GRMN model.

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The Toyota Supra will be the first GR model in Australia when it’s revealed later in October and apparently, Corolla would be the next car to get the GR badge. Australian executives are apparently working hard to fast track the Corolla GR hot hatch and it might look like the beefed-up Toyota Corolla by Super Street. Nothing can be said with certainty right now as the GR product strategy has reportedly not been finalized yet.

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Naming conventions aside, the upcoming Corolla hot hatch could learn a thing or two from other hot hatch manufacturers such as Hyundai, who received a good response for its N models. Apparently, there is a huge demand for hot hatches and Toyota is evaluating its options to decide on the order of performance variants. A hot Corolla could be an instant hit as hot hatches are in these days.

However, since this niche is crowded, Toyota might have to go for another model to brand as a GR. For now, we will have to wait to see which brand is shortlisted by Toyota but, looking at the new generation Corolla with its LED running lights, big grill, and taillights, it sure seems like a worthy candidate.

Currently, Honda Civic Type R, Golf GTI, and Renault Megane RS are quite popular in the hot hatch category and they have the advantage of being backed up by their heritage to offer incredible performance. However, as Hyundai i30 N has proved, new entrants certainly have a chance. Apparently, Toyota is looking up to the Hyundai i30 N to learn how to break into the new category.

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Toyota is apparently not just taking inspiration from Hyundai but also other manufacturers to decide how to go about this. The company presumably wants to make sure that it gets the brand strategy right. This means that it might take a while before the Toyota Corolla GR hot hatch is introduced.

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