Save Up To 30% on Your Car’s Fuel Bill in UAE

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Did you know that fuel prices in the UAE have been on the rise for the last three months? The way things are going we might have to buy a Tesla soon! Since that doesn’t seem like a viable option for all of us, why not try some fuel saving tactics instead or fuel-efficient used cars for sale in Dubai, UAE. In anticipation of the upcoming fuel prices announcement, here are some tips to help you save money on fuel. Take a look!

A Breath of Fresh Air: We could all use that every once in a while, right? So, turn off the air conditioners when the weather outside is pleasant. Roll down the windows slightly and enjoy the fresh air. Bear in mind – less AC equals more fuel savings!

Don’t Roll them Down: We know we just told you to roll down the windows sometimes but try not to do that while traveling on a highway. The reason for that is simple enough. An open window increases resistance cutting down on your car’s aerodynamic capabilities. To conserve petrol, keep windows closed when traveling at high speed.

Go Easy on the Brakes: Maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you, especially in traffic. Know why? Braking too hard is not only dangerous but wears out the brake pads and consumes more fuel.

Drive Steady All the Way: In Dubai, it seems like everyone loves to speed, but we bet you didn’t know that patient drivers have lower fuel bills. Drive at a steady speed of 60-70 km/h through city traffic and 90-100 km/h on highways. Did you know that dropping from 120km/h to 90km/h on a highway can save up to 20% on fuel?

Shut it Off: Turn off the engine whenever you get the chance. Whether you need to pull over somewhere or you are waiting for someone outside, shutting off the engine will conserve fuel.

Keep Check on Tires: Ensure that the tire pressure is optimum and the tread depth is reasonable. Your car will consume more fuel if the tires are not in good shape.

Beat the Traffic: Avoid rush hour or other times when there might be traffic. Nothing eats up that fuel like constant braking and acceleration! Use Google Maps with traffic info to figure out the fastest and most fuel efficient route.

Research indicates that driving techniques can have an impact on fuel efficiency by as much as 30%! So, whether you are driving a new car or a used car, save up on fuel costs by following these simple tips. Happy cruising!

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