Teen Driving : 4 Best Tips to Follow in the UAE

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Sooner or later, parents have to face the inevitable: their young teenager wanting to learn how to drive and know their way around a car. Be prepared for a series of heart attacks, colourful swear words and near-death experiences! CarSwitch.com, an online marketplace for certified used cars, will cover some basic tips to keep in mind while teaching your child how to drive.

Tip 1: Check, mate

It is essential that before your child gets onto the practical side of things, they must be legally qualified to drive. That is: they must be of age, must have their learner’s permit and must be aware of the basic road rules and etiquettes.

This stage, itself, calls for a ton of arrangements, such as learning, paperwork and examinations.

Tip 2: Ensure, insure, reassure

It is always a good idea to take every precautionary measure possible, which is why you should stick to the Three Sure’s.

INSURE: Check whether your insurance policy includes damages whilst teaching your child to drive. Most do, given that the person teaching is registered as the preferred driver.

ENSURE: Moreover, parents who are about to embark on this journey of imparting knowledge should brush up on their facts themselves and refamiliarize themselves with the road and its ways.

ASSURE: Lastly, make sure that your vehicle is in top condition, the worst thing could be your car giving out in the middle of a lesson!

Tip 3: Time and Place

The locations you pick for your child’s first few driving lessons are a make or break. There should be a steady progression in terms of difficulty of terrain, traffic, number of bends and turns and the likes. It would be ideal to start out on a relatively unpopulated area with straight, wide roads to prevent the new driver from becoming overwhelmed.

Equally as important is the time of day. Rush hours should be avoided and instead early mornings or post-office hours are a good time to learn.

Tip 4: Going no-mobile

Mobile phones are a no-go territory when it comes to driving lessons, and this precedent needs to be set early on in the process.

All such devices should be switched off and put to the side. For precautionary measures, the radio should also be turned down to avoid any unnecessary distractions.

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