Teen Driver Technology from Chevrolet

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Chevrolet has taken a few more precautions than the other automakers when it comes to the safety of teen drivers. For a number of years, several of its vehicles have been offered with useful systems, particularly those created for those who are just starting out as drivers. Parents and guardians often worry when teenagers start driving, even though not all young drivers are reckless. Imagine being able to keep an eye on and regulate their car’s speed even while you are not in it. In fact, parents may now do that thanks to new teen driving technologies.

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What Is the Teen Driver Technology?

General Motors introduced Teen Driver technology in 2016.

When it comes to innovation and cutting-edge safety features in automobiles, General Motors never fails to surprise its customers. General Motors introduced the active safety technology known as Teen Driver. The technology helps new drivers develop safe driving practices and gives their parents a lot of comfort.

In 2016, Chevrolet added the “teen driver” technology to the Malibu Sedan as a safety feature. Since then, numerous additional models have included it. The technology mutes the audio until the driver and passenger fasten their seat belts, much like at Ford. Furthermore, it functions similarly, allowing the parent to register both his key and that of his adolescent child.

How Technology Affects Teen Drivers

Parents can monitor their young driver’s driving habits thanks to the safety function that is integrated into a vehicle. By reviewing a thorough driving report when their adolescent gets behind the wheel, parents can also assist their teen drivers with driving instruction.

Switch on Teen Driver

Through the infotainment system of the vehicle’s Settings menu, parents can turn on the Teen Driver technology. For instance:

  • Chevrolet MyLink
  • Buick IntelliLink
  • GMC IntelliLink
  • Cadillac CUE

The active safety measures in Chevrolet become enabled once the system is turned on and cannot be deactivated. Parents can also set the maximum speed of the car and a limit on the audio system through the adolescent driver safety feature. In addition, parents can carry out the following duties:

  • By choosing the Teen Driver option from the menu, parents can generate a four-digit PIN.
  • They can register the teen’s key fob via the Chevrolet MyLink screen. This pin is used to control Teen Driver settings, access report cards, and operate the Teen Driver key. Every time a car starts using a Teen Driver key, the Teen Driver becomes operational. To obtain the report card, the registration key is also necessary.

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The In-Vehicle Report Card for Teen Drivers

The in-vehicle report card aids in examining an adolescent driver’s driving.

The report card provided by Teen Driver technology aids in the training of new drivers. Once the new teen’s key fob has been registered to the vehicle, parents can access the report card on several driving criteria. The following could be recorded on the report card: Distance traveled,

  • Top speed reached,
  • Overspeed warnings,
  • Stability control events,
  • Anti-lock braking events,
  •  Collision avoidance alerts,
  • Traction control activations,
  • Tailgating alerts, and
  • wide-open throttle events.

Technology and parental instincts for teen drivers

The teen driver has the ability to oversee and manage their development as drivers.

Several essential systems, like automatic braking and rear cross-traffic alert, are linked to the Teen Driver function. As many features as parents see necessary to promote safe driving habits can be chosen. Teen Driver makes available a number of features, such as:

Speeding Alert

You may program visual and aural warnings to tell your teen to slow down if they are traveling at a speed that you have set.

Speed Cap

This puts an 85-mph cap on vehicle speed. You may program a warning to turn on at a specified speed between 40 and 75 mph if you merely want to alert young drivers how fast they are traveling.

Audio Maximum

  • You can establish a sensible volume limit if your kids enjoy loud music and your tunes.
  • Until the seatbelt is buckled, the audio will be muted.
  • The music is muted by a seatbelt warning until the driver and front passenger are both wearing seatbelts.

Other features could be,

  • An automatic activation of any active safety systems that are available, such as:
  • Front/Rear Parking Aid,
  • Side Blind Zone Warning,
  • Forward Collision Warning,
  • Daytime Running Lamps
  • Pedestrian Braking in Front,
  • Braking for Forward Collision Avoidance,
  • Lane Keeping Aid

A Reminder to Fasten Seatbelts

Another method to assist juvenile drivers is to buckle up.

Since 2019, Chevrolet has added a new teen feature called “Buckle to Drive” to improve it. Even before your teen pulls out of the driveway, this gadget can help reinforce healthy practices. If drivers are not strapped up when attempting to shift into drive or reverse, the Buckle to Drive system delivers visual and auditory alerts. The function prevents a motorist from shifting into gear for 20 seconds if they try to start the car while unbuckled.

Our overview of teen driver technologies is now complete. The in-car report card feature of the teen driver technology allows it to train inexperienced drivers in addition to ensuring safe driving. One of the most beneficial aspects of the teen driver. It enables you to evaluate your teen’s driving practices and may help them become better drivers.

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