When is The Supercar Vending Machine Coming to Dubai?

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UAE loves supercars and exotic hypercars so we would have expected to see a building like this in Dubai. Introducing the car dispensing system of the future – a Supercar Vending Machine owned and operated by Autobahn Motors in Singapore. If the dealerships here start adopting such a system for dispensing used cars for sale in Dubai, UAE, your car buying experience will never be the same. Let’s take a look at how this thing works.

Autobahn’s 15-story futuristic showroom has 60 vehicles on display at a time. Once the customers have selected a car that tickles their fancy via a touchscreen display, it travels through the middle of the building on a moving platform and arrives center stage in a matter of few minutes. The theatrical aspect of the stacking display is not all there is to it. Located in the crowded city streets of Singapore, such a building also allows efficient use of space.

The concept is certainly innovative and creative, but it’s not entirely new. Carvana in Texas, United States uses a similar concept with an 8-story building housing up to 30 cars. That makes the Autobahn showroom the “Biggest Supercar Vending Machine” in the world. Quite impressive, huh?

Not to mention, the top-tier merchandise it displays is like a dream come true for the supercar enthusiasts. From Ferraris and Bentleys to Porsches, McLarens, and Lamborghinis, this giant vending machine has it all. Rumor has it, it even has a few classic cars on sale. And since the inventory is ever-changing, expect to see a lot of other cool collector cars on display at some point, maybe even such classic British cars.

So if you are heading out to Singapore by any chance, don’t forget to check out this amazing car dispensing system. Or if you are looking to buy a supercar, you will love these used supercars for sale in Dubai, UAE. Happy shopping!