You Can Drive Your Supercar into This Elite Secret Nightclub!

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Lay aside VIP valet services and head to Secret Room in Dubai in your supercar! Now you can drive your supercar straight into the epitome of luxury and style, a service only for the VIP members. Don’t put any of your super cars for sale just yet! Secret Room has opened in FIVE Palm Jumeirah for you and your grand rides!

graffiti filled corridor, car for sale
Entrance of Graffiti-filled corridor

Isolated underground in FIVE Palm Jumeirah, you first need to pass through a graffiti-filled corridor (if you are on foot) as the stairs lead to the sumptuous club. It’s like they are sweetly coaxing us to let the grim “street” realities of an ordinary life pass and enter a “gem-like” fantasy of luxury and exclusivity!

car for sale
18th century architecture

And the interior resembles a gem! The interior is gorgeously spread out in 18th century style that contains a hand-painted mural, old-fashioned candelabras and golden crown mouldings everywhere! The intimate space creates an atmosphere effused with exciting structure, shapes and precious materials. It oozes luxury and exclusivity!

car for sale
The All-golden bar

And the star of the interior is the “all-golden, edgy, avant-garde” bar designed by the internationally acclaimed architect Paolo Ferrari!

Access is only given via fingerprint identification which is a unique feature of the brand and helps to gain the customer’s privileged access. VIP members and carefully screened members will be able to access the club with a simple scan on the days the secret room is open.

But it doesn’t come cheap! They will let you park your car inside for a whopping 10,000 AED and only one car is allowed at a time. Whether it’s a Lambo, Ferrari, Porsche or any other, this new scheme makes it seem as if there is a car for sale in the beautiful interior! In addition, the members can bring guests provided they can spend a minimum of 5,000 AED for a table of four.

You can visit Secret Room to experience the ultimate nightlife and entertainment especially if you are a car enthusiast! Or you could also visit one of these 4 restaurants for autoheads in Dubai if you want to be a little merciful to your credit!

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